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Name required. Email required. Passionate English teacher with five years of teaching experience and a Master's degree in Diplomacy I am a kind, friendly and very patient person, who is dedicated to helping my students' realize their goals and to maintain their interest and attention in the process. During my education and experience, I learned the basic teaching methods, as well as how to teach English grammar… Oxford Practice Grammar With Answers.


Phone or email. Don't remember me. Community posts Search Cancel. Most of the authors published in English Teaching Forum are classroom teachers. Find suggestions for teaching the pragmatics of complaining, developing group dynamics, and starting a book club—and much more. See more Pragmatics of ComplainingExpand This article presents twelve activities for teaching the pragmatics of complaining, including strategies, tasks, and specific scenarios. Group Dynamics: Belonging in the ESL ClassroomExpand The author provides suggestions for English language activities that promote bonding at the beginning of a course, during a course, and at the end of a course.

Book Clubs as a Tool for Community Building and Language EnhancementExpand The author uses her own experience starting and facilitating a book club to give advice to others interested in creating a book club in their schools or communities.

Teaching Technique. Board Games in the English Classroom. The Lighter Side. Debate Dialogue. Debate Vocabulary. Identifying and Building Grit in Language Learners. Rapport-Building Activity. Speed Pairs, a Spoken Exercise. Ru cloud. Svetlana Rybak-Zozulyanskaya. Olesya Dolzhenko. Vika Primernaya. Lyana Bardin. Rika Khosta. Lyana Bardin replied to Rika. A communicative English course, it makes English unforgettable through the right input of language, intensive practice, and systematic recycling.

Top Notch is the best choice for a fun and engaging course with the widest range of student and teacher support materials. Top Notch Fundamentals B. Top Notch Fundamentals TB. See more It gives beginner English learners easy access to the vocabulary, grammar and functions of English as it is actually used in a comprehensive range of social situations.

Self—guided students and classroom learners alike will be delighted by the way they are helped to progress easily from one unit to the next, using a combination of pictures and text to discover for themselves how English works. The pictorial method used in this book is based on a thorough understanding of language structure and how language is successfully learned.

The authors are experienced English language teachers with strong backgrounds in language analysis and language learning. English Made Easy, Volume 1 consists of a total of 20 units arranged in groups of five. The first four units presents language and provide learners the opportunities to practice as they learn. The first page of each unit has a list of all the words and phrases to be learned in that unit, together with pronunciation guide.

At the end of each unit, an interesting story which uses the language that has just been learned is presented. The fifth unit in each group contains exercises designed to reinforce the language learned in the first four units. English Made Easy Vol. English Made Easy Vol 2. It presents foundational concepts, best practices and practical suggestions on how to develop lessons and activities for the energetic and curious minds of young learners in the 21st Century classroom.

It also features the perspectives and suggestions from practicing teachers around the world, and can be used as a basic text for prospective teachers or as a professional development tool for teachers and administrators wishing to develop the knowledge and skills to teach English to young learners.

Features: Topics covered include lesson planning, classroom management, assessment, and ongoing professional development. Teacher to Teacher sections in each chapter include real teachers from all over the world expressing their views on that topic. Each chapter includes a list of useful publications, references and Websites for further study. Teaching Young Learners. This series will promote development by dealing with professional topics in a personal way.

The aim is to deepen understanding, raise self-awareness and encourage self-direction and choice. It offers you discussion, discovery activities, and real-life examples from classrooms around the world topnotchbooks. Q Second Edition helps students to measure their progress, with clearly stated unit objectives that motivate students to achieve their language learning goals. And the online content, seamlessly integrated into the Student Book, allows teachers to truly implement blended learning into the classroom.

Select Readings Elementary - Upper-Intermediate A teacher-approved American English reading skills series for upper secondary and university students. Select Readings Second Edition contains a range of high interest reading texts approved by experienced teachers. This four-level American English reading course uses carefully selected reading texts to help students read effectively.

Exercises before and after reading practise reading skills, check comprehension and build vocabulary. Jluiscv CV. Projects with Young Learners Resource Books for Teachers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Contains practical, tried-and-tested ideas and materials for planning, organizing, and carrying out project work with children aged between 5 and This work combines language and skills development with activities which challenge young learners and motivate them to be independent.

Great Grammar Practice 1 - 6 - - - - - - - - - - - This resource features ready-to-go reproducible pages that target key first grade grammar topics—parts of speech, verb tenses, capitalization, punctuation, types of sentences, and more! Each activity includes quick teacher tips, but because most students will be able to complete these exercises independently, they are perfect for seat work or homework. Solid practice that helps reinforce the grammar skills students need to succeed—and meet higher standards!

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Phone or email. Don't remember me. Mothukuri Rao. All posts 22, Each book in this series provides clear and detailed explanations, supported by numerous English examples, on specific areas of English.

If you want to progress or strengthen your knowledge of the English language, you absolutely must know the essential grammar rules, and this page contains all the keys to learn English at your own pace. The Oxford English Grammar Course Basic Level is for all elementary and pre-intermediate learners who want to improve their knowledge of English grammar. We hope you enjoy using these extra resources. The Oxford English Grammar Course is a new three-level grammar course by award-winning authors Michael Swan and Catherine Walter which offers step-by-step presentation and plenty of practice. Love it.

D0WNL0AD PDF Ebook Textbook Practical English Usage, 4th edition: (​Hardback Michael Swan by Practical English Usage, 4th edition: (Hardback with online access): Michael Swan's guide to problems in English by Michael Swan vk.

Phone or email. Don't remember me. Community posts Search Cancel. Most of the authors published in English Teaching Forum are classroom teachers. Find suggestions for teaching the pragmatics of complaining, developing group dynamics, and starting a book club—and much more.

The Library of Prof. Mahmoud Azab The Library of Prof. Mahmoud Azab. Intermediate: The Library of Prof. English Grammar [Oxford] vk.

Educational resources of the Internet - English. English level: Intermediate to Advanced Description The world's most trusted guide to problems in English - now in a new edition.

English Grammar in Use. Tests for reading, listening and vocabulary also available. Colour is used to highlight grammatical contrasts. Thank you very much.

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