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Little Book Of Clarity Pdf

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Register Forgot your password? Search-history Watchlist Links to www. Imagine what you could achieve if you could only clear your mind The Little Book of Clarity shows you how to clear your head and get things done.

Using transformational coaching techniques, examples, exercises and metaphors, Jamie talks the reader through the three key changes they need to achieve the results they are after and inspire others to do the same. Based on the principles of The Clarity Coaching Model, the reader will learn how to de-congest their mind to think more clearly, make better decisions and improve performance achieving the flow state attributed to the results of top-flight individuals. Clearer thinking removes the stress and anxiety from decision making and allows you to focus on your goals.

The Little Book of Clarity: A Quick Guide to Focus and Declutter Your Mind

Jamie Smart is a British author and speaker. Smart grew up in an alcoholic household and started drinking by the age of In his early 30s he decided to stop drinking, but found himself left with a thinking problem leading to stress and depression. He became curious about how the mind works, started exploring positive psychology and created a company called Salad in creating education programs. He sold the business in The book discusses the use of implication-based learning for achieving mental clarity.

Little Book of Results - E-bog

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Book Jamie Smart - The Little Book of Clarity in PDF, TXT

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Accueil Contact. Book Jamie Smart - The Little Book of Clarity in PDF, TXT 5 Novembre English Follow-up to the bestselling Clarity - but this time it's shorter, faster and even more effective Modern life is a constant bombardment of stuff to think about We all have tons of different projects on the go, never-ending to-do lists. We all worry about things - money, deadlines, relationships. With all this crammed into our heads it's next to impossible to concentrate on any one thing. What if someone could show you how to empty your mind of all the noise?

By Jamie Smart. The Little Book of Clarity shows you how to clear your head and get things done. Based on bestselling book, Clarity , this new edition has been distilled to the essentials, getting right to the point. With no vague theory or superfluous anecdotes, this book gets you right to work reducing stress and boosting productivity by uncovering your mind's in-built "self-clearing" capacity.

The Little Book of Clarity (eBook, PDF)

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    Life can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, right?

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