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Bald … Directed by Alexander Korda. Directed by Claude Berri, it is the second of two films adapted from the two-volume novel by Marcel Pagnol, who wrote it based on his own earlier film of the same title. It is the sequel to Jean de Florette.

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This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. Its sequel is My Mother's Castle. It is the first of four volumes in Pagnol's Souvenirs d'enfance series.

My father's glory ; and, My mother's castle

He was born on 28 February in the town of Aubagne, about eleven miles from Marseille. His mother, Augustine, was a dressmaker. In , the Pagnols moved from the country to the city of Marseille, where his father had his teaching post. Below a film shot shows Marcel with his younger brother, Paul. The story is told by Marcel who was then nine years old. In the previous book See poster of film version below , his father, although a novice hunter had suddenly achieved glory by shooting down a brace of rock pigeon in rapid fire.

After the epic hunting events with the rock partridges, I was immediately admitted into the ranks of the hunters - as a beater and retriever dog - "……. At about four in the morning my father would whisper "Are you coming?

I remember vividly those cool starlit mornings as we went out of the cottage. There is a sad reminder of this at end of the book. Then the features of the landscape around emerge with the dawn. Page 17 - …. My job on the hunt was to beat the game towards the men. With his new found confidence after the glory of the rock partridge episode — my father Joseph never missed a shot.

Uncle Jules was an expert at shooting game that was flying off — the skill described as: " tirer en cul. He said that I was better than a dog at finding and setting off the birds. However, Mother was anxious whether a boy with such thin legs should do so much walking. One day, while out hunting, I saw a bird caught in a trap.

I went up to it to look, when a peasant boy called to me not to touch - A trap is sacred he said:. We run down to where my father and uncle are looking at a dead hare.

It needed both guns to stop the hare in its tracks. Il le dit comme s'il s'agissait de porter une jaquette, ou un chapeau melon. Lili empties his immense bag of game to prove it. When my uncle teasingly admonishes him for poaching Lili says he comes from Les Bellons - a peasant cannot be a poacher on the hills of his home. We all had a picnic together - Lili was an expert everything about all the game in the region but he would not disclose to us where the springs of water could be found.

These were kept a close secret by the peasants even from their own families. Lili's grandfather had known a secret mountain spring - and had tried to pass on its whereabouts to his son on his deathbed, but he had died before he could finish the sentence - the spring was lost for ever.

In the opinion of the locals, it is the townspeople, coming as day-trippers are the main enemies. After one altercation they even relieved themselves in a drinking water spring. Lili tells them how jealously the local people protect their domains. One of his neighbours, Chabert, had fired a gun to scare off the day trippers. When Marcel expressed surprise, Lili explained that Chabert had only fired at long range with small shot and that they were stealing cherries from the one and only cherry tree he possessed.

His father has said that Chabert should have fired buck shot. When Uncle Jules commented that this was a bit uncivilised, Lili grew very indignant. He told how two years ago visitors had lit a fire among a plantation of new pines to cook their steaks, which he finds incredible - Page After I formed my friendship with Lili, my life changed. Every morning Lili was waiting for us.

We used to set the traps while doing the beating. Finding the traps was exciting - sometimes we found a large thrush but sometimes to our disappointment a rat. A story follows about a white owl they caught, which Marcel finds funny, but which non-hunting readers should skip!

Most often we lay in wait chatting in whispers for hours. He even knew where there were some vines that had escaped the phylloxera He showed me a pillar of rock - full of holes and channels which the wind blew through. I imagined so many things from the sounds of the stone.

I discovered that he thought of me as a man of learning and I did my best to show off. From that period, I learnt my thirteen times table, and collected long words- like anti-constitutionally. My aim was not to increase his vocabulary but his admiration:.

Page 35 I had never been as happy in all my life, but I felt guilty at leaving my little brother Paul behind. So, one morning, I set off later in the day, taking Paul with us. I took him home to Mother. She said there was no need to worry about taking him with us as he adored his younger sister and looked after her. He did look after her in fact. He put insects in her hair.

He put her up in the tree where she was unable to get down. Mother believed she had climbed up herself. Paul was not blamed and my sister got a reputation as a monkey.

He put prickles down her back - so that she was blamed for whining for nothing. He gave her rabbit droppings to eat, and he was worried about this afterwards, but I consoled him by saying that I had given her goat droppings and she had been all right. But one day Paul was caught out. One trick he had was to nip her with his nails and say a wasp had stung her. At that, mother would hurt her even more by trying to pull out the imaginary sting. He was caught in the act and was given the strap which did not upset him at all but the lecture that followed did inconsolably:- "…..

My little sister tried to give him her dessert to cheer him up,. Now that I knew that he was not bored, I no longer worried about leaving him at home to his criminal acts..

There was only one shower in the morning. It seemed the storm had passed and we had lunch - but Lili knew better. Lili surprised me by a announcing that it was Autumn.

In Provence there are no signs of autumn. The evergreen trees stay the same. Time did not seem to pass. Lili led me off hurriedly. Page 41 Lili took me up three chimneys in the rock almost to the top of the cliff.

Here was a cave where we could shelter. I saw, stretched out below, the countryside that I had only seen in the sunlight before, but which was now beneath an angry sky. There was heavy thunder. Lili told me he would show me a secret if I promised with a solemn oath not to tell any-one. The cave led under the plateau from one side of the hill to the other — It was a secret used by his family when poaching. We had to squeeze through a narrow passage, and then go along a corridor until we saw light and we were on the other side of the hill.

It was covered in cloud. It was raining heavily. The thunder brought down a piece of the cliff-face. We were afraid. Suddenly Lili told me to bend down slowly and pick up some rocks. Looking round I saw two luminous eyes. I thought it was a vampire but Lili said it was an eagle owl which could go for our eyes. Preferring to be soaked rather than blinded we ran out of our shelter. Page 46 - It was hard to find our way in the mist.

Lili led the way, making out the path and the noises. He rushed ahead and I ran after him afraid to lose him. Finally, we both knew we were lost and I had an idea. I shouted and from the echoes of each hill, we could tell our position So then it was my turn to lead the way until we re-found the path. We were proud of our adventure. Yet overhead the migrating birds reminded me of autumn as they went off to more holidays - Ils partaient vers d'autres vacances.

Page 49 We found father and uncle already at home, wearing dressing gowns while their clothes dried. We were undressed and rubbed down to Lili's embarrassment. We told our story with no little exaggeration - to the great consternation of the women.

Uncle Jules told their story but it was a little flat after ours. Lili's father came to pick him up and said he would see us on Sunday. When Uncle Jules talked of putting our luggage on Francois's cart, Paul's lip started to tremble and then he began to sob.

Marcel Pagnol

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He was born on 28 February in the town of Aubagne, about eleven miles from Marseille. His mother, Augustine, was a dressmaker. In , the Pagnols moved from the country to the city of Marseille, where his father had his teaching post. Below a film shot shows Marcel with his younger brother, Paul. The story is told by Marcel who was then nine years old. In the previous book See poster of film version below , his father, although a novice hunter had suddenly achieved glory by shooting down a brace of rock pigeon in rapid fire.

My Father's Glory (French: La Gloire de mon père) is a autobiographical novel by Marcel Pagnol. Its sequel is My Mother's Castle. It is the first of four.

La gloire de mon père by Marcel Pagnol

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La gloire de mon père

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