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Years ago, The Lord gave me a year prophecy.

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This book wreckedmeBy Jessica D. WrightBob Jones had a revelation about Jesus' love,the love of God. Jesus said to him:"There is a deeper compassionman has never understood. The Father taught Me this that day as Ihung there naked. Although they mocked and spit upon Me while I wason the cross, I looked at them with love. The love of the Father iswithout condemnation because it is with full acceptance of thesinner's sin.

The Apostolic-Prophetic Movement AP movement is a movement of people who believe that they are restoring elements of what they call the Five-Fold Ministry described in the New Testament book of Ephesians — 13 , "for He gave some apostles, and some prophets; and some evangelists; and some pastors and teachers; for the equipping of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ. This movement defers more to their own interpretations of the Bible and doctrines than to the later authority and elaborations transmitted by the Catholic and Orthodox churches; however, they hold to the dogmas and traditions of the Greek Orthodox and Latin Church Fathers including the Nicene Creed as authoritative and part of what they call "historical Christianity". Prophecy has been a part of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian practice, especially during times of revival in the Body of Christ. For example, the Kimbanguist Church in Belgian Congo began with vigor in the s and flourished through 40 years of rigorous and sometimes violent suppression. Prophets and apostles are preparing the saints for their full day of manifesting the Kingdom of God for a witness to every nation. The movement began in the United States but it quickly spread to the rest of the nations of the earth. Movements that do not develop major denominations rarely recognize any one man or woman as being the founder of the movement.


This is the year the glory returns to the church. Forty-two years ago Bob was told that God was removing His glory from the church and writing Ichabod over it. The Lord said that man had marketed it for self gain. The Lord said that Bob would live to see the returning glory and from that time Bob has believed it would take place in In September, , in a trance Bob was aboard a train with many other shepherds. Each one had a special seat assigned by the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Tips To Hearing God (A conversation w/ Bob Jones) by Kenneth McDonald. I was having lunch with Bob Jones, the prophet. This was not so unusual.

Apostolic-Prophetic Movement

The Earth Groaning. At p. There will be extreme cold, excessive heat, intense drought and severe flooding.

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See all books authored by bob jones, including reading 4 - i met you in a story, and heritage studies, level 4, home teacher' s edition, and more on thriftbooks. He was laying on his back, half- covered in dirt, and his name was gulliver. But a seed must die before it bears fruit, paul tells us, and so this has proven to be his final published vision. Bob and bonnie jones the prophetic ministry of bob and bonnie jones website: bobjones.

A Deliverance Training Manual. Neville Salvetti. Based on the practical experience of years of deliverance, being a non-threatening way of freeing people from demons, without the need to confront any demons. The purpose of this book is to give you training on deliverance and comment on some other matters related to it. Basic Training For The Prophetic Ministry Book also available for Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry is a prophetic training manual designed to equip and deploy Christians into the fray of a darken world void of the voice of Prophetic Ministry dates are being set for the calendar year. Some will know little or nothing about this type of ministry.

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    Bob Jones has recently gone on to be with the Lord, and I miss him so much. I also want to dedicate this book to Bill Johnson, who taught me how to value the.

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    Was hoping for a book from the Prophet, Bob Jones. One filled with revelation from his rich life experiences and relationship with God, the Father. But instead.

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