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Abundant anecdotal information documents the historical use of herbs and spices for their health benefits 1.

Processed Meats pp Cite as. Herb gardens have become common for the latter two purposes. Spices and condiments are food seasonings made from plants and are not distinguished from each other. Historically, spices referred to tropical aromatics only, while herbs were of temperate zone origin. Both have a sharp taste and odor or provide color.

Secret Guides: The Secret Benefits of Spices and Condiments

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Indian Spices & Condiments as Natural Healers

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Telusuri situs ini. The great mystery and beauty of spices is their use, blending and ability to change and enhance the character of food. Spices and condiments have a special significance in various ways in human life because of its specific flavours, taste, and aroma. Spices and condiments play an important role in the national economies of several spice producing, importing and exporting countries. India is one of the major spice producing and exporting countries. Most of the spices and herbs have active principles in them and development of these through pharmacological and preclinical and clinical screening would mean expansion of considerable opportunities for successful commercialization of the product. Spices can be used to create these health promoting products.

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List of Pakistani spices

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Plant parasitic nematodes in subtropical and tropical agriculture.

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