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Theory Of Reflectance And Emittance Spectroscopy Pdf

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This book is aimed at students and researchers who wish to use reflectance and emittance as quantitative tools to measure the properties of surfaces and materials. It is intended primarily for use in the interpretation of remote observations of the surfaces of the Earth and other planets, and it will also be useful to chemists, physicists, geologists, engineers and others who deal with particulate media. Topics include propagation and absorption of light in continuous media, reflection by smooth surfaces, scattering by spheres and irregular particles, reflectances and emissivities of particulate media, reflectance and emittance spectroscopy, and the polarization of light scattered by particulate media. Many examples of applications are given.

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Encyclopedia of Planetary Science pp Cite as. The amount of light scattered by substances in bulk mass form changes with wavelength. At wavelengths visible to the human eye, this phenomenon is the basis for the perception of color. These spectral variations are caused by wavelength-dependent absorption, and can be used to infer such properties of the material as composition and electronic or molecular structure. As with gases, the absorption usually occurs in discrete bands, the exception being metals, which absorb over a broad range of wavelengths. For this reason the bands usually overlap, complicating their recognition and producing a continuum of absorption. The bands arise from a variety of causes Hunt, ; several of the chapters in Pieters and Englert, , e.

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[PDF Download] Theory of Reflectance and Emittance Spectroscopy (Topics in Remote Sensing)

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Hapke Published Materials Science. The theory in which either or both reflected sunlight and thermally emitted radiation contribute to the power received by a detector viewing a particulate medium, such as a powder in the laboratory or a planetary regolith, is considered theoretically. Save to Library.

It is employed in the optics of real-world light, in computer graphics algorithms, and in computer vision algorithms. The Bidirectional Texture Function BTF is appropriate for modeling non-flat surfaces, and has the same parameterization as the SVBRDF; however in contrast, the BTF includes non-local scattering effects like shadowing, masking, interreflections or subsurface scattering. In all these cases, the dependence on the wavelength of light has been ignored. Physically realistic BRDFs have additional properties, [2] including,. The BRDF is a fundamental radiometric concept, and accordingly is used in computer graphics for photorealistic rendering of synthetic scenes see the rendering equation , as well as in computer vision for many inverse problems such as object recognition. BRDF has also been used for modeling light trapping in solar cells e. For a given land area, the BRDF is established based on selected multiangular observations of surface reflectance.

Bidirectional reflectance distribution function

Theory of Reflectance and Emittance Spectroscopy. Backorder temporarily out of stock. Description Reflectance and emittance spectroscopy are increasingly important tools in remote sensing and have been employed in most recent planetary spacecraft missions. They are primarily used to measure properties of disordered materials, especially in the interpretation of remote observations of the surfaces of the Earth and other terrestrial planets. This book gives a quantitative treatment of the physics of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with particulate media, such as powders and soils.

Applied Optics

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