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In finance , a bond is an instrument of indebtedness of the bond issuer to the holders.

chapter 6 interest rate and bond valuation

The curve may reflect a general expectation for an economic recovery due to inflation coming under control and a stimulating impact on the economy from the lower rates. Treasury issues is upward sloping, reflecting the prevailing expectation of higher future inflation rates. The dashed line in the part c graph shows what the curve would look like without the existence of liquidity preference, ignoring the other yield curve theories. Forces which may be responsible for a change in the real rate of interest include changing economic conditions such as the international trade balance, a federal government budget deficit, or changes in tax legislation. Two years ago, the yield curve was downward sloping, reflecting lower expected interest rates due to a decline in the expected level of inflation.

Note: Your browser must support JavaScript in order to use this quiz. More than its face value. Less than its face value. If the intrinsic value of a stock is greater than its market value, which of the following is a reasonable conclusion? The stock has a low level of risk. The stock offers a high dividend payout ratio. The market is undervaluing the stock.

To calculate the dollar value of the annual coupon, multiply the coupon rate times the face value. Higher coupon rate causes value above par Price above par value, called a premium bond 6 - 24 Using the Approximation Formula to Solve for Yield to Maturity Bond Valuation and Interest Rates 6 - 26 The Approximation Formula This formula gives you a quick estimate of the yield to maturity It is an estimate because it is based on a linear approximation again you will remember the exponential nature of compound interest Should you be concerned with the error inherent in the approximated YTM? NO Remember a YTM is an ex ante calculation as a forecast, it is based on assumptions which may or may not hold in this case, therefore as a forecast or estimate, the approximation approach should be fine. Always assume the coupon interest is paid semi-annually. Short-Term Interest Rates Bond Valuation and Interest Rates 6 - 31 Interest Rate Determinants Interest is the price of money Interest rates go: Up when the demand for loanable funds rises Down when the demand for loanable funds falls Term Structure of Interest Rates Long-term Interest Rates Bond Valuation and Interest Rates 6 - 33 Term Structure of Interest Rates Term structure is the relationship between time to maturity and yields, all else equal Yield curve graphical representation of the term structure Normal upward-sloping; long-term yields are higher than short- term yields Inverted downward-sloping; long-term yields are lower than short-term yields When plotted on a graph, the line is called a Yield Curve 6 - 34 Figure 7. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

Chapter 6 - Bond Valuation and Interest Rates

Embed Size px x x x x LG2 Review the legal aspects of bond financing and bond cost. LG3 Discuss the general features, yields, prices, popular types, and international issues of corporate bonds. LG4 Understand the key inputs and basic model used in the valuation process. LG5 Apply the basic valuation model to bonds and describe the impact of required return and time to maturity on bond values. LG6 Explain yield to maturity YTM , its calculation, and the procedure used to value bonds that pay interest semiannually. The required return is usually applied to equity instruments such as common stock; the cost of funds obtained by selling an ownership interest.

Key concepts and skillsKnow the important features and different types of bills and bondsUnderstand how bills and bonds are valued and why they fluctuateUnderstand bond ratings and what they meanUnderstand the impact of inflation on interest ratesUnderstand the term structure of interest rates and the determinants of bond yields. Slides prepared by David E. Allen and Abhay K. Chapter outlineBills of exchange and bill valuation Other short-term funding instrumentsBonds and bond valuationMore on bond featuresBond ratingsSome different types of bondsBond marketsInflation and interest ratesDeterminants of bond yields. Bills of exchange and bill valuation A bill is defined as:unconditional order in writing, addressed by one person to another, signed by the person giving it, requiring the person to whom it is addressed to pay on demand, or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money to or to the order of a specified person, or to bearerFace valueThe principal amount that is repaid at the end of the term.

Bond (finance)

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Chapter 6 Interest Rates and Bond Valuation

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