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This paper examines the concept of vocational and technical education VTE in Nigeria under the secondary school education system. Out of the numerous challenges of VTE in general, and accounting education in Out of the numerous challenges of VTE in general, and accounting education in particular, solutions are provided for the identified challenges. Recommendations are advanced to improve on the programme of VTE in Nigeria such as the inclusion of practical oriented curriculum and the increase of government funding for education at all levels. Geographic subjects: Nigeria ; Africa.

Vocational-technical education in Nigeria: a review

Publication Ethics. This study investigated the level of physical facilities adequacy and instructional resources utilization for teaching and learning effectiveness in Technical and Vocational Education and Training TVET programmes. A quantitative research design was used, with a sample of participants 85 lecturers and students which was randomly selected across three Federal Universities in South-South, Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data from TVET lecturers and students. Mean, standard deviation and t-test were used for data analyses. Physical facilities were found to be inadequate for teaching and learning processes in TVET programmes.

ATBU Journal of Science, Technology and Education

These and many more are the dreams of many parents. Most parents see vocational education as secondary and not important. They just want academic success for their children — but is that really the best? Does this help your child? Does this make your child fulfilled? What will society look like if we have only white-collar jobs?

Vocational and technical education is a form of learning in the secondary and lower tertiary level that helps in the acquisition of skills as well as scientific knowledge. The Education Sector Policy was developed in According to fafunwa , p. We all know that it is the responsibility of everyone in a country to educate; whether we are parents, adults, children, or teachers, in the public or private sector, education is the responsibility of everyone. An outcome of the National seminar on Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria in the 21st stcentury.

Technical and Vocational Education TVE has been recognised as a great instrument for national development in both developed and developing countries. However it appears that it has functioned better in the UK rather than in Nigeria. Therefore, the study investigated comparative analysis of the administration and funding of TVE at the senior secondary school level in Nigeria and the UK. The study employed a descriptive survey type of the adapted field study method and integrated with other methods which include the historical, scientific and comparative approaches. The population comprised all technical, vocational education stakeholders in the two countries. Two instruments were used in the study, a questionnaire and a Structured Open-ended Interview Schedule SOIS with psychometric properties of content value of 0. The result of the study revealed that the curriculum content of TVE in Nigeria is robust in theory but not robust in practical terms

TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training)

European Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. European Journal of English Language Teaching. European Journal of Special Education Research. European Journal of Alternative Education Studies. European Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Studies.

Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria: History, Roles, Objectives & Problems

Vocational education

The term TVET parallels other types of education and training e. Vocational Education but is also used as an umbrella term to encompass education and training activities. A key purpose is preparation of youth for work. This takes the form of learning and developing work related skills and mastery of underlying knowledge and scientific principles.

Vocational and technical education is a form of learning in the secondary and lower tertiary level that helps in the acquisition of skills as well as scientific knowledge. Vocational education helps students prepare for different programs like agricultural industry, commerce, and others. With vocational and technical education, youths or students can explore different career options. Vocational education also supports skills, high academic standards, and others. During vocational and technical education, there are lots of practical activities. Vocational and technical education dates far back when Nigeria came in touch with the foreign merchandise and also missionaries. Nigeria has so much neglected the vocational and technical education in the country.

As already noted, the origin of vocational education dates back to the beginning of towards the development of vocational technical education in Nigeria.

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Vocational and technical education assists learners in developing scientific knowledge and most especially acquiring skills that is beneficial to the society. It is a form of learning that is majorly practiced in the secondary and lower tertiary levels of education in Nigeria. In this post, we shall be looking at the Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria, its history, roles, objectives and problems. The content found on this page serves as a perfect answer to the questions most people ask about Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria. Vocational education prepares students for different programs and sectors in Nigeria, like; Agricultural, Commercial and other industries.

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