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Let me celebrate the work of WPL. Our combined efforts to promote the empowerment of women and create dialogue among different nations are a strong example of the commitment we share to build peace and wellbeing. Via WPL Parliamentarians from across the globe are given a platform in order to exchange, to discuss common solutions to global problems and at the same time support each other.

Women Political Leaders: Advancing Society

The name of few presidents and prime Ministers may change due to change of regime. Please do update if you find any at comment section. This list covers all the Nation recognized by United Nation Forum by all the member countries, where as there are also few countries which are not recognized by all the countries of United Nation but at least One Member Nation of United Nation. Federal Council: Ueli Maurer Pres. Reply www. This is not updated Like Prime minister of Australia is Kevin Rudd many more in this list please be updated guys don't believe this at all??????????????

On 8 August , five leaders — the Foreign Ministers of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand — sat down together in the main hall of the Department of Foreign Affairs building in Bangkok, Thailand and signed a document. Rajaratnam of Singapore, and Thanat Khoman of Thailand — would subsequently be hailed as the Founding Fathers of probably the most successful inter-governmental organization in the developing world today. It was a short, simply-worded document containing just five articles. These aims and purposes were about cooperation in the economic, social, cultural, technical, educational and other fields, and in the promotion of regional peace and stability through abiding respect for justice and the rule of law and adherence to the principles of the United Nations Charter. It stipulated that the Association would be open for participation by all States in the Southeast Asian region subscribing to its aims, principles and purposes. It was while Thailand was brokering reconciliation among Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia over certain disputes that it dawned on the four countries that the moment for regional cooperation had come or the future of the region would remain uncertain.

List of national founders

The following is a list of state and official visits made by Canada since the country's Confederation in These trips consist of either the monarch or a representative—the governor general , a lieutenant governor , or another member of the Royal Family —visiting a foreign country in an official capacity, either representing the Canadian people in a full state visit or simply in ceremonies related to Canada abroad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rideau Hall. Queen's Printer for Canada. Archived from the original on 17 June Retrieved 24 May

Set an Alert to get future results. Clear all search criteria. You are seeing results from the Public Collection, not the complete Full Collection. Sign in to search everything see eligibility. As part of the ongoing global war against terrorism, the military campaign in Afghanistan continues, albeit with diminishing results. In the recently concluded Operation Anaconda, the allied forces suffered eight casualties, against many unconfirmed losses inflicted upon Al-Qaeda and Taliban remnants. There is growing unease among the European allies about continuing the military campaign.

But two of the most common are president and prime minister. election as president later that year, the balance of executive power in that country has resided in whichever of the Brian Duignan is a senior editor at Encyclopædia Britannica.

Women Political Leaders: Advancing Society

The following list of national founding figures is a record, by country, of people who were credited with establishing their nation. National founders are typically those who played an influential role in setting up the systems of governance, i. They can also be military leaders of a war of independence that led to the existence of the country. He was also one of Africa's foremost anti-colonial leaders. He was assassinated on 20 January , several months before Guinea-Bissau's unilateral declaration of independence.

List of Presidents and Prime Ministers of Countries in World With Capitals.pdf

Capital is a municipality enjoying primary status in a country, state, or province. It is usually the seat of the Government or the Governing body. A capital is typically a city that physically encompasses the offices and meeting places of its respective Government. The status as the capital is often designated by its law or constitution. This article provides a list of Countries and Capitals along with countries that have more than one capital with pictures of their flags which will help you remember it faster.

On the occasion of this special year, the ASCL Library has compiled a web dossier about African leaders of independence. The rich collection of literature by and about these three West African leaders kicked-off the dossier. The dossier has now been updated with its final section on Mauritania. Also have a look at our corresponding timeline overview.

World leaders can go by many titles: premier, chancellor, dear respected comrade. But two of the most common are president and prime minister. A prime minister, by definition, must be able to command a legislative majority. In a parliamentary system, the prime minister sets the national agenda, appoints cabinet officials, and governs at the behest of a party or a coalition of parties. In parliamentary systems, presidents—if they exist—serve as largely ceremonial heads of state. In constitutional monarchies, such roles are filled by the king or queen.

ISBN: (PDF) world continues to grow, and a wide range of countries has transitioned to democracy in editor Annika Silva-Leander, Head of International IDEA's. Democracy protests in that led to the resignation of its prime minister and long-standing president, and a subsequent electoral.

Female Leaders and the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW65)

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