difference between l3 switch and router pdf

Difference Between L3 Switch And Router Pdf

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A router, like a switch forwards packets based on address.

The term Layer 2 is adopted from the Open System Interconnect OSI model, which is a reference model for explaining and describing network communications. Switches and bridges are mostly used for Layer 2 switching. They help to break up large size collision domain into separate smaller ones.

difference between switch and router pdf

Ethernet switches are layer-2 devices, and generally are Layer 2 refers to the second layer of the seven layer OSI basic networking model, called the Data Link layer. FortiGate devices act as layer-2 switches or bridges when they are in transparent mode. The devices simply tag and forward the VLAN traffic or receive and remove the tags from the packets. A layer-2 device doesn't inspect incoming packets or change their contents; it only adds or removes tags and routes the packet. A VLAN can have any number of physical interfaces assigned to it. Multiple VLANs can be assigned to the same physical interface.

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Routers : Routers are the connecting devices in networking. Layer-3 Switches : Layer-3 Switches were formed as a technology to boost on the performance of routers utilized in massive native space networks LANs like company intranets. The key distinction between Layer-3 switches and routers lies within the hardware technology accustomed build the unit. Layer-3 switches typically value but ancient routers. Designed to be used among native networks, a Layer-3 switch can usually not possess the WAN ports and wide space network options a conventional router can perpetually have.

Layer 3 Switch Vs Router: What Is Your Best Bet?

Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up. A L2 switch does switching only. This means that it uses MAC addresses to switch the packets from a port to the destination port and only the destination port. A L3 switch also does switching exactly like a L2 switch. The L3 means that it has an identity from the L3 layer. Practically this means that a L3 switch is capable of having IP addresses and doing routing.

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The switch can only share a network connection. The router works in the network layer of the OSI model. Similarly, routers are identified as Layer-3 devices, as routers process logical addressing information in the Network header of a packet such as IP addresses.

In the networking world, term like layer 3 switch and router gets thrown around often — both are seeing broad deployment in network data transmission. We may get confused regarding layer 3 switch vs router: they bear much similarities as they both support the same routing protocols, inspect incoming packets and make dynamic routing decisions based on the source and destination addresses inside.

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Difference between Switch and Router with Comparison Chart

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Layer 3 Switch vs Router – Know the difference 2020
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