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Types Of Floods And Their Causes Pdf

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5 Common Types of Flooding Explained

Since floods can damage any property in almost any area, it is important to learn about the various types of floods and how they can affect properties. They are caused by heavy rainfall or rapid snow thaw. Floods usually cover a relatively small area and occur with little to no notice, generally less than six hours. The rapid water torrents can move large objects such as cars, rocks, and trees. Coastal areas with fewer defenses and lower elevation are the most affected. The best time to repair the breach is during low tide. The areas covered by river floods depend on the size of the river and the amount of rainfall.

Water may seem benign, but in huge quantities it can be an enormously destructive force. When floods occur they bring with them numerous problems, ranging from the physical impact of water damage to the problems of disease and famine that can follow such disasters. The causes of flooding are varied, but the effects of most causes can be managed if not prevented. Unusually heavy weather at the source of a river can lead to vast amounts of water draining into the water table. The water table of a river is the area from which it gathers water, so if an unnaturally high level of water is draining into this area, this will lead to similarly high levels of water in the river. This often occurs at lower reaches of a river in areas of habitation, causing extensive damage.

Flooding 101

Flooding is experienced all over the globe and for a variety of reasons — but why exactly does flooding occur? There are several human causes of flooding, including poorly designed infrastructure. There are also natural reasons flooding happens. Here are eight of the most common causes of flooding, both natural and human-induced. And the consequences of flooding can be savage. The simplest explanation for flooding is heavy rains.

accumulation of water in certain areas may cause localized flooding problems. There is often no sharp distinction between flash floods, flooding due to structural failure or 1 National Weather Service Manual , April 26,

Flooding 101

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One of the keys to understanding flood risk is understanding the nuances of the type or types of flood you face. There are several different kinds of flood, and each one bears a different impact in terms of how it occurs, the damage it causes, and how it is forecasted. A coastal flood, as the name suggests, occurs in areas that lie on the coast of a sea, ocean, or other large body of open water.

Floods impact on both individuals and communities, and have social, economic, and environmental consequences. The consequences of floods, both negative and positive, vary greatly depending on the location and extent of flooding, and the vulnerability and value of the natural and constructed environments they affect.

Sridhar and A. Minor flooding This causes inconveniences such as closure of minor roads or low lying land. Hanspeter Stamm. This is because flooding can carry bridges, cars, houses, and even people.

What are the Different Types of Floods?

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Flood , high-water stage in which water overflows its natural or artificial banks onto normally dry land, such as a river inundating its floodplain. The effects of floods on human well-being range from unqualified blessings to catastrophes. The uncontrolled floods of the Yangtze River Chang Jiang and the Huang He in China , however, have repeatedly wrought disaster when these rivers habitually rechart their courses.

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