bain brief challenges and winning models in logistics pdf

Bain Brief Challenges And Winning Models In Logistics Pdf

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In short, whether you are just starting out or have already made good progress in preparing for your case interviews , the resources listed hereafter will be very helpful. Because this gives so much insightful information about the role of a consultant, and how the hiring process looks like.

Here's the announcement about a special offer - learn more here. So, in this article, we're going to demystify what life and work are actually like in consulting. Let's begin with a brief overview of what consultants do:.

Killing Strategy: The Disruption Of Management Consulting

The objective of this work is to review the literature of the main concepts that lead to determining the strategic approach, creation of strategies, organizational structures, strategy formulation, and strategic evaluation as a guide for the organizational management, taking into account the effects produced by the different types of strategies on the performance of organizations. In this article, the systemic literature review method was used to synthesize the result of multiple investigations and scientific literature. The process of reading and analysis of the literature was carried out through digital search engines with keywords in areas related to the strategic management. This research reveals the lack of scientific literature containing important theoretical concepts that serve the strategists as a guide in the creation, formulation, and evaluation of strategies. This review contributes to the existing literature by examining the impact of the strategic management on the organizational performance. Through time, its meaning has been evolving, being applied to other human activities and, in particular, to business strategies.

As B2B offerings become more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal considerations of business customers are increasingly important in purchases. To discover what matters most to B2B buyers, the consulting firm Bain analyzed scores of quantitative and qualitative customer studies. Understanding this full range of rational and emotional considerations, and tailoring the value proposition to the ones customers prize most, is critical to avoiding the commodity trap. As B2B offerings become ever more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal considerations that business customers bring to purchasing decisions are increasingly important. Understanding the full range of rational and emotional factors in business purchases—and tailoring value propositions accordingly—can help firms avoid the commodity trap. Evaluate how products and services stack up on 36 discrete sources of value that research has shown matter to B2B buyers. Thoughtfully incorporate the ones that determine loyalty into offerings.

Consulting firms play a vital role in helping businesses across fields as diverse as business strategy, manufacturing and supply chain, sales and marketing, and human resources. Consultancies support their clients in a multitude of ways, from helping them to formulate business models, cut costs, predict risk and innovate products, to strengthening their processes for managing talent, staying compliant and recruiting staff. Increasingly, this has involved helping clients stay ahead of the curve when adopting digital technologies, or adapting to rapidly shifting geopolitical situations. As a result, while the global economy seems to be slowing, the consulting industry continues to enjoy robust growth. However, in spite of this growth, there are a growing number of challenges that consultants are facing. An overview of five key challenges identified by the study. Corporate buyers of professional services have become more demanding, pushing back against concepts such as billable hours, and requiring fixed fees and with greater transparency on costs.

The Great Repeatable Business Model

Log in Get Started. See Full Reader. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x We watched as managers pulled away from the recession of —91, maneuvered through the speed bumps of , slowed for the painful recession andslammed into the Great Recession of — After a global downturn that made executives cautious and conservative, companies are now preparing for a return to growth. All rights reserved.

Unprecedented challenges in the transportation and logistics industry demand radical reinvention. BCG empowers clients across all sectors to undertake bold moves in embracing digital innovation, restructuring, and serving customers. Defending against such industrywide transformation can seem impossible. By contrast, embracing transformation—and outpacing it with a companywide transformation of your own—opens up possibilities. Transportation and logistics companies face existential threats from across the competitive landscape.

and winning models used by providers. Many companies now outsource all or part of their supply chain to logistics specialists when it's not a core business.

Challenges and winning models in logistics - Bain & …

Since former BCG consultant Clayton Christensen first used the term "disruptive innovation" in , nimble startups have challenged incumbents in every field from music to manufacturing. Now, a tectonic disruption is hitting management consulting just as it has hit many other industries. Oddly, management consulting is rarely named in discussions about industries vulnerable to disruption unless you ask Christensen , despite the fact that it meets all of the above qualifications.

Making Moves in Transportation and Logistics

AbleTo, Inc.

Cerasis Resources

But why logistics, and why now? Not to mention, Amazon can use all of the data they can bring to bear to create the most efficient ecommerce shipping solution possible. But what is behind the big push? Shipping is expensive. Companies everywhere are wrestling with slim margins made slimmer by heavy operations costs. Amazon has some of the most advanced warehouses on the planet Thanks to Amazon Robotics.

All rights reserved. Norbert Hueltenschmidt is a partner based in Zurich and the head of Bains Global Healthcare practice. Healthcare 1 We have been talking about healthcare costs for more than 40 years, but the worldwide nancial crisis and subsequent climate of austerity are nally catalyzing change. Payers are searching for all available tools to stunt the growth of a sector that has successfully resisted cost containment for decades. Adding to the urgency for action is an anticipated global surge in demand precipitated by several factors: an aging population with chronic care needs, population and income growth in emerging markets and the potential for insurance coverage expansion due to health reform in the US and around the globe. An increase in demandeven one accompanied by cost pressuresis generally good for companies supplying products to the healthcare sector. The net result will be an unprecedented decline in the share of the overall healthcare prot pool captured by innovation-driven companies in favor of lower-margin sectors like generic manufacturers and providers.

BCG alumni have gone on to hold high-level corporate and political positions throughout the world. Henderson had been recruited from Arthur D. Little to establish the consulting arm operating as a subsidiary under the name Management and Consulting Division of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company. Henderson hired his second consultant, Arthur P. Contas, in December

Automation in logistics: Big opportunity, bigger uncertainty
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