bilingual first language acquisition at the interface between syntax and pragmatics pdf

Bilingual First Language Acquisition At The Interface Between Syntax And Pragmatics Pdf

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Language acquisition

This chapter focuses on first generation individual attrition from the point of view of the Interface Hypothesis IH , which proposes that structures at the interface between syntax and other cognitive domains, such as pragmatics, are more likely to undergo attrition than structures that do not involve such an interface, and discusses recent research that provides evidence of the selectivity and reversibility of individual first language L1 attrition. This research provides supporting evidence for the IH as it reveals that attrition affects structures at the syntax-pragmatics interface but not structures requiring the satisfaction of semantic conditions. Keywords: Interface Hypothesis , syntax-pragmatics interface , individual L1 attrition , selectivity of attrition , reversibility of attrition , L1 re-exposure. She has also developed the public engagement project English Language Support for Refugees, which helps unaccompanied refugee minors gain the English language skills they need to integrate into the community and access mainstream education. She has published widely on bilingualism and language learning over the lifespan, language typology, and gradience in natural language, bringing together methods from linguistics, experimental psychology, and cognitive science.

Research in bilingual first language acquisition has shown that the two languages influence each other. One condition for cross-linguistic influence requires that the grammatical phenomenon in question be situated at the interface between two modules of grammar, the syntax-pragmatics interface in particular. One grammatical domain, which has been discussed extensively within syntactic theory, is the null-subject property of languages like Italian. French and German, although considered as non-null-subject-languages, both display a certain amount of null subjects. Our prediction for bilingual first language acquisition is that we will find evidence for cross-linguistic influence in Italian-German, but not in French-German children. This prediction is borne out by the data.

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Ozturk, O. How does multilingualism affect the communication of children with neurodevelopmental disorders? Issue available here.

Language Editing Service. This paper compares the acquisition of Japanese morphology of two bilingual children who had different types of exposure to Japanese language in Australia: a simultaneous bilingual child who had exposure to both Japanese and English from birth, and a successive bilingual child who did not have regular exposure to Japanese until he was six years and three months old. The comparison is carried out using Processability Theory PT Pienemann , as a common framework, and the corpus for this study consists of the naturally spoken production of these two Australian children. The results show that both children went through the same developmental path in their acquisition of the Japanese morphological structures, indicating that the same processing mechanisms are at work for both types of language acquisition. However, the results indicate that there are some differences between the two children, including the rate of acquisition, and the kinds of verbal morphemes acquired.

This article examines the knowledge of topic and subject particles in heritage speakers and L2 learners of Japanese and Korean. We assume that topic marking is mediated at the syntax-information structure interface, while subject marking pertains to narrow syntax. In comparing phenomena mediated at different levels of linguistic organization, we provide evidence for the hypothesis that information structure-level phenomena present greater challenges for bilingual speakers than those mediated within syntax.

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