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The Open Window Questions And Answers Pdf

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NCERT solutions for class 8 English It So Happened The open window

Hi Everyone!! Hence, she gave him letters of recommendation to all the people she knew there, so that he might befriend someone and have a comfortable stay. On their way to the hunting ground, they were swamped in the bog and never came back. Vera went on to say that this tragedy had mentally disturbed Mrs. Sappleton and she believed that they would come back through the window, they had left through.

The Open Window Class 8 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 7

Exercise Page Question 1: Is this a mystery story? Give a reason for your answer. Answer: The open window is not truly a mystery story. It shows the fertile imagination of a young girl. She plays a practical joke on Framton and tells a cooked up story.

These solutions for The Open Window are extremely popular among Class 7 students for English The Open Window Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. Why had his sister given him letters of introduction to people living there? His sister had given him letters of introduction to people living there as he did not know anyone there. She knew that he would not speak to anybody and his nerves would be worse from moping. That is why she gave him letters of introduction to all the people she knew there. They never came back. In crossing the moor to their favourite shooting spot, they were all engulfed in a piece of bog.

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NCERT solutions for class 8 English It So Happened The open window

Question 1. Question 2. Framton Nuttel was being treated for a nerve cure b cancer c TB d fever. Question 3.

The Open Window

Какое-то время Стратмор задумчиво нажимал на клавиши мышки, вмонтированной в столешницу письменного стола. После долгой паузы он наконец посмотрел ей в глаза и долго не отводил взгляда. - Назови мне самое большое время, которое ТРАНСТЕКСТ затрачивал на взламывание кода. Что за чепуха. И ради этого он вызвал меня в субботу. - Как сказать… - Она заколебалась.

А ведь еще вчера она думала, что потеряла его навсегда. - Дэвид, - вздохнула она, заметив на тумбочке его записку.  - Скажи мне, что такое без воска. Ты же знаешь, что шифры, которые не поддаются, не выходят у меня из головы. Дэвид молчал.

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