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The Austronesian Languages Of Asia And Madagascar Pdf

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Himmelmann, eds. The Austronesian languages of Asia and Madagascar. ISBN This book, part of the Routledge formerly Curzon Language Family Series, forms the natural complement to Lynch, Ross, and Crowley , the two volumes partitioning the geographically enormous Austronesian A n language family into roughly equal portions in terms of scope pages for the first volume, pages for the second. From a practical standpoint, this division is understandable and perhaps unavoidable, but in other respects it is artificial, since the A n languages of Asia and Madagascar constitute nearly two-thirds of the family, and, unlike the Oceanic languages, do not form a single subgroup.

Oceanic Linguistics

Prior to the European colonial expansions of the past several centuries the Austronesian AN language family had the greatest geographical extent of any on earth, including in its territory areas that had never previously been settled. Although predominantly distributed in a tropical or subtropical environment, AN-speaking peoples exhibit a wide range of physical types, material cultures, and types of social and political organization. This paper addresses ways in which linguistic comparison can contribute toward answering such questions as the following: Where was the AN homeland? What was the nature of early AN material culture, social and political organization? What can we infer about early AN pathology? How did early AN speakers view the spirit world? It concludes with a discussion of culture loss, many examples of which can be inferred both from the Pacific and from insular Southeast Asia.

There are also a few speakers in continental Asia. This makes it the fifth-largest language family by number of speakers. According to some estimates, the family contains 1, languages, which is the second most of any language family. In , the Dutch scholar Adriaan Reland first observed similarities between the languages spoken in the Malay Archipelago and by peoples on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Wilhelm von Humboldt , Herman van der Tuuk started to apply the comparative method to the Austronesian languages.

Linguistic diversity What for? What issues? These languages are spoken in a large part of the world. Geographically, the Austronesian family is the most widely extended language family in the world, along with the Indo-European family.

Malagasy language

Austronesian languages , formerly Malayo-Polynesian languages , family of languages spoken in most of the Indonesian archipelago; all of the Philippines , Madagascar , and the island groups of the Central and South Pacific except for Australia and much of New Guinea ; much of Malaysia ; and scattered areas of Vietnam , Cambodia , Laos , and Taiwan. Only the Niger-Congo family of Africa approaches it in number of languages, although both the Indo-European and Sino-Tibetan language families have considerably more speakers. Before the European colonial expansions of the past five centuries, Austronesian languages were more widely distributed than any others, extending from Madagascar just off the southeast coast of Africa to Easter Island Rapa Nui some 2, miles west of Chile in South America —across an astonishing degrees of longitude. Despite the enormous geographic extension of the Austronesian languages, the relationship of many though not all of the languages can easily be determined by an inspection of such basic subsystems as personal pronouns or the numerals. Fourteen of the 21 or 22 Austronesian languages spoken by the pre-Chinese aboriginal population of Taiwan also called Formosa survive. Siraya and Favorlang, which are now extinct, are attested from fairly extensive religious texts compiled by missionaries during the Dutch occupation of southwestern Taiwan — All the roughly native languages of the Philippines are Austronesian, although it is likely that the now highly marginalized hunter-gatherer populations of Negritos originally spoke languages of other affiliations.

Most people in Madagascar speak it as a first language, as do some people of Malagasy descent elsewhere. The Malagasy language is the westernmost member of the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family. It is related to the Malayo-Polynesian languages of Indonesia , Malaysia , and the Philippines , and specifically to the East Barito languages spoken in Borneo e. Ma'anyan , with apparent influence from early Old Malay. There appears to be a Bantu influence or substratum in Malagasy phonotactics Dahl

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Malagasy obviously represents Madagascar; Cham and. Moken/Moklen represent mainland Southeast Asian Austronesian languages; Nias and. Karo Batak.

Austronesian languages

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The prehistory of the Austronesian-speaking peoples: A view from language

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