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Chapter 3 Electronic and Dynamical Properties of Transition Metal Nitrides

The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. CSD contains the supplementary crystallographic data for this paper. These data can be obtained free of charge from FIZ Karlsruhe via www. The source data underlying Fig. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction dataset for rhenium nitrides experiment 2 at 3. High-pressure synthesis in diamond anvil cells can yield unique compounds with advanced properties, but often they are either unrecoverable at ambient conditions or produced in quantity insufficient for properties characterization. Although metallic bonding is typically seen incompatible with intrinsic hardness, Re 2 N 2 N 2 turned to be at a threshold for superhard materials.

The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. In most cases high nitrogen content and stability at ambient conditions are mutually exclusive, thereby making the synthesis of such materials challenging. One way to stabilize such compounds is the application of high pressure. Here, through a direct reaction between Fe and N 2 in a laser-heated diamond anvil cell, we synthesize three ironnitrogen compounds Fe 3 N 2 , FeN 2 and FeN 4. Their crystal structures are revealed by single-crystal synchrotron X-ray diffraction. FeN 2 has a marcasite structure type and features covalently bonded dinitrogen units in its crystal structure. Since the discovery of a single-bonded cubic nitrogen polymorph cg -N 1 , many experimental and theoretical studies were dedicated to the search for high energy density nitrogen allotropes and nitrides 2 — 4.

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Chapter 3 Electronic and Dynamical Properties of Transition Metal Nitrides

Iron nitrides are inorganic chemical compounds of iron and nitrogen. They are crystalline , metallic solids. They are insoluble in water. When heated to decomposition or exposed to humidity, iron nitride may emit toxic fumes of ammonia. It is considered a moderate explosion hazard. Inhalation of iron nitride dust or powder may cause irritation to the respiratory system and possibly acute iron poisoning or pneumoconiosis. Colloidal solution of magnetic iron nitride nanoparticles is a way to create ferrofluids.

N4 unit for synthesis, it is observed as a metastable species with a lifetime exceeding in fact, adopting HP technology nitrogen also does form innumerable stable iron pernitride (FeN2) crystallizes in the space group R-3m at 17 GPa ( and verified by the experiment under high pressure and high temperature

Iron nitride

We studied the structural and magnetic properties of in-situ grown iron mononitride FeN thin films. It was found that the initial stages of film growth differs from the bulk of it. Ultrathin FeN films, exhibited larger energy separation between the t 2 g and e g features and an intense e g feature in the N K -edge pattern. This indicates that a structural transition is taking place from the rock-salt RS -type FeN to zinc-blende ZB -type FeN when the thickness of films increases beyond 5nm. The behavior of such N K -edge features correlates very well with the emergence of a magnetic component appearing in the NRS pattern at K in ultrathin FeN films.

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Iron nitride

Various nitrogen species in nitrides are fascinating since they often appear with these nitride as superconductors, hard materials, and high-energy density. As a typical complex, though iron nitride has been intensively studied, nitrogen species in the iron—nitrogen Fe-N compounds only have been confined to single atom N or molecule nitrogen N 2. Using a structure search method based on the CALYPSO methodology, unexpectedly, we here revealed two new stable high pressure HP states at and compositions with striking nitrogen species. This discovery puts the Fe-N system into a new class of desirable materials combining advanced mechanical properties and superconductivity.

China E-mail: liuxy jlu. Pressure can shorten the distance between molecules or atoms, which can change the periodicity of elements and provide more unprecedented novel materials. In order to produce substances that can remain stable or metastable under an atmospheric pressure, pressure has become an indispensable and powerful means. Recent research suggests that high-pressure synthesis methods have unlimited potential in different research fields. For example, high T c transition temperature superconductors with a transition temperature of up to K and super-hard nano-diamonds NDs with a hardness of 1 TPa can be synthesized under high-temperature and high-pressure HTHP conditions, and these materials cannot be achieved by other synthetic methods. Many recent research achievements involve the synthesis of some compounds with special structures and properties, such as high-entropy alloys, non-stoichiometric substances, inert element compounds, and heterostructure nanocrystals.

A method is presented for forming protective stable nitride and carbide compounds on the surface of graphite. This is accomplished by contacting the graphite surface with a fused heavy liquid metal such as bismuth or leadbismuth containing zirconium, titanium, and hafnium dissolved or finely dispersed therein to form a carbide and nitride of at least one of the dissolved metals on the graphite surface. Infrared absorption spectra of metal carbides , nitrides and sulfides. The infrared absorption spectra of 12 kinds of metal carbides , 11 kinds of nitrides , and 7 kinds of sulfides, a total of 30 materials, were measured and the application of the infrared spectra of these materials to analytical chemistry was discussed. The sensitivity of Boron nitride was especially good and could be detected at 2 to 3 micrograms in mg of potassium bromide.

Iron nitride

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Embed Size px x x x x An almost equimolar mixture of two con-formers exist in the gas and neat liquid phases, as well as in Ar matrix, for which the N3 group adopts a syn and anti orientation with respect to the bisector of the F-P-F an-gle. The syn conformer is slightly more stable than the anti conformer. In the crystalline state at low temperature only the anti form is observed. ZENG, X. Solid Surf.

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