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Monkey the Roleplaying Game

It has been described as arguably the most popular literary work in East Asia. The monk is referred to as Tang Sanzang in the novel. The novel retains the broad outline of Xuanzang's own account, Great Tang Records on the Western Regions , but adds elements from folk tales and the author's invention: Gautama Buddha gives this task to the monk and provides him with three protectors who agree to help him as an atonement for their sins. The group of pilgrims journeys towards enlightenment by the power and virtue of cooperation. Journey to the West has strong roots in Chinese folk religion , Chinese mythology , Confucianist , Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, and the pantheon of Taoist immortals and Buddhist bodhisattvas are still reflective of some Chinese religious attitudes today.

Anthony C. It establishes beyond contention the position of The Journey to the West in world literature, while at the same time throwing open wide the doors to interpretive study on the part of the English audience. Read more Read less. Previous page. Print length. University of Chicago Press. Publication date.

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This is a game set in a mythical China, where out of grace immortals, created by the players, seek redemption by escorting a vulnerable and mortal Monk to distant India. Braving many dangers along the way, to recover scrolls of lost scrolls of Buddhist scripture. The main rulebook contains all that you need to play, except two packs of standard playing cards one for the players and one for the referee and your imagination. Also check out the Monkey blog, for development notes, news and other interesting links relevant to the game. Email address:. Contact My Account Logout 0 Items. Monkey the Roleplaying Game quantity.

Published as a mini-novel by Skyhook Press, May not be published or posted without permission. Hear the Names. If you think Superman or Spiderman has been around a long time, think about Monkey. Monkey stars in The Journey to the West, an epic comic fantasy from the sixteenth century.

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The Monkey and the Monk: An Abridgment of The Journey to the West

Translated by Anthony C. Anthony C. It establishes beyond contention the position of The Journey to the West in world literature, while at the same time throwing open wide the doors to interpretive study on the part of the English audience.

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Anthony C.


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