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One of the more appealing strategies taken is trade barter, which enables the exchange of goods or services with a minimum need for cash. The case presented in this paper describes the challenges faced by a Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Rimzi University when trying to maintain funding levels during lean economic times. Her organization had totally funded the founding and the new building construction as well as the ongoing support and sponsorship of this private educational facility.

The first sample essay below follows the sample outline presented in Argumentative Essay Outlines. Nationalism in the world essay. Economics gives us an idea of how to do it. Does national debt pose a threat to the country?

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One of the more appealing strategies taken is trade barter, which enables the exchange of goods or services with a minimum need for cash.

The case presented in this paper describes the challenges faced by a Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Rimzi University when trying to maintain funding levels during lean economic times. Her organization had totally funded the founding and the new building construction as well as the ongoing support and sponsorship of this private educational facility. This was also coming at a time when the Chamber was entering several foreign student exchange programs, and the support costs for these special-needs students were beginning to present some operating challenges to the university.

These challenges 1. This case was prepared solely to provide material for classroom discussion. The authors do not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. The authors have disguised some names and other identifying information to protect confidentiality. The views presented here are those of the case authors only.

Another consideration was the growth of advancing new technology. More hi-tech equipment was needed to meet new and growing technical frontiers. She thought that the university might likewise benefit. She had read that other universities were offering their fellow trade barter exchange members tuition discounts for placement into degree programs to help fill up almost empty classrooms in exchange for supplying the university with such necessary items as insurance coverage, cleaning supply products, advertising media, air travel and car rental services.

Marmaris had also spoken with J. Office Supplies, a local office supplies retailer. The company began to experience difficulties due to the recent economic events, which caused their customers to cut orders, leaving the store with excess inventory on hand.

Joining the trade barter agency system enabled the store to offer some of the unsold surplus goods in exchange for a new telephone system from one of the members, thus performing an exchange without the need for money. As Ms. Marmaris reviewed these activities, she envisioned possible changes to the supply chain as the spend levels of the organization were achieved with the utilization of the trade barter agency. She thought that the effect might be to compliment and to partially offset the traditional purchasing and payment of products and contract services with the inclusion of this trade barter agency to their supply network.

Corporate Trade Barter Enterprises must closely examine their operating costs, when there is the relative scarcity of operating funds owing to a continuing sluggishness in revenue levels. It is at this point that these businesses may be interested in studying the rationale for the use of barter and the trade barter agency system being offered by the international network of barter agency companies, as a possible alternative to traditional procurement. The prospect of trading goods and services in exchange for other goods and services is viewed as a worthwhile strategy within the field of procurement; it creates value along the supply chain.

Case 17 Trade Barter, The Rimzi Chamber of Commerce and the Rimzi University of Economics Bartering Surplus Materials and Excess Capability Academic education and training services might consider barter as a means to dispose of surplus materials and to utilize excess capacity in exchange for other materials and contract services such as media advertising time or long-distance telephone services.

All of the conditions for trading goods for things like media time are determined by the buyer and seller. The trade barter agent may, for instance, charge premium prices for the media time when exchanged for surplus goods. Alternatively, even if the media rates are competitive, the time slots offered may not coincide with the times required by the media buyer. Organizations must carefully evaluate all available alternatives, including the option of selling surplus goods at a loss and then buying the media time through regular channels.

The savings in the purchase of media time or other contract services might, however, offset losses in the sale of the surplus assets. Care must also be taken in drafting the contract to ensure that the trade barter agent represents the organization. The problem was that the university had many of its classrooms equipped to seat and teach 40 to 50 students, but often had classes with students numbering in the 5 to 15 range. As members of the trade barter agency, universities might schedule small enrollment classes in smaller classrooms, while offering the larger classrooms for other purposes, such as degree or certificate programs for employees of organizations that were also listed with the barter exchange system, in exchange for various kinds of goods such as office machines, computers and office equipment.

The university could take advantage of accommodations, organizational and seminar options in selected hotels and resorts throughout Turkey and all over the world in general to offset business travel costs.

The university might also trade, for insurance, security, health and catering services and cleaning materials such as disinfectants, or catering equipment such as conventional ovens. RUE might also benefit from trading its excess classroom capacity for some of its required monthly advertising and sponsorships. RUE could also generate barter dollar credits within the system, whereby they could use these credits, for example, to buy construction goods and services for its new building project plans, as well as other periodically needed operational products, such as supplies and janitorial services.

Marmaris was thinking that certainly such foresight and management practices could lead to greater utilization of its underutilized assets and excess capacity, as in the case of RUE, allowing the university to better manage cash flow in order to meet operating costs. Conclusion It is estimated that various industries have large sums of money tied up in nonworking assets and in excess services capacity, but few businesses handle these materials and services in the most optimal way. The disposal of surplus assets and the utilization of excess capacities are key elements of a successful barter process.

The need for and identification of asset recovery procedures and utilization of excess services capacity at universities is evolving and must address a variety of issues and challenges.

With less than a month until the next membership review committee meeting, the president works at her desk to decide how to handle this problem at RUE. What kind of studies should the Chamber perform to assess the likelihood that RUE could benefit from use of the trade barter system? Should the Chamber of Commerce president issue an invitation to a trade barter agency for a meeting to review the advantages of belonging to the membership?

What specifically could the university offer in terms of excess classroom and service capacity? Do you think there is a way to successfully trade classroom seats and professor services in exchange for discounted travel charges, media expenses, contract services and the like to the university?

Do you think Ms. Marmaris should use the barter system to eliminate the necessity of additional university funding?

Why or why not? Consider the case where a company has U. Identify and describe a trade barter agency in your metropolitan area. Please respond to the scenario below in the form of a PowerPoint. In your presentation, consider the steps Guffey and Loewy outlined in Chapter Scenario: You are the manager of a team of six proposal-writing professionals. You are tasked with completing one 50 page formal proposal as well as a page summary advocating funding for a new sports arena.

Your supervisor, a member of the senior leadership team, wants to know how you plan to successfully accomplish the assignment. Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to your supervisor that conveys the following information:.

As manager, how will you organize the work to prepare a proposal? What tasks will each professional be assigned and why? What three or four communication tools will you propose be used to effectively articulate the proposal and why? The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your presentation with at least three 3 scholarly resources.

In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included. Length: slides with a separate reference slide Notes Length: words for each slide. Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style where appropriate.

Save the file as PPT with the correct course code information. Provide a rationale for your response. Speculate on the extent to which Golds Reling, Inc. Choose the most beneficial distribution strategies, and suggest two 2 ways in which this selection could potentially affect consumer adoption of the new product. Provide two 2 suggestions for the marketing intern that will help her to create an advertising budget.

For example, if the advertisement you reviewed was designed for the radio, consider the details for a complimentary Web or magazine advertisement. Case studyIn this course leading and managing change is concerned with how organisations respond and adapt to contexts, both local and global, in an effort to manage uncertainty in both an organic and systemic fashion. Global circumstances require that managers be aware of the interconnectedness of business operation and management decisions on the wider international community.

To ensure business sustainability management skills are needed that result in business that is viable and competitive in the long term without negative impact on the environment, the economy or society.

This assignment requires you to think in these three themes of change, globalisation and sustainability. Hence the material covered in all modules is needed to consider the below Stanley case study. You are required to review the case study and use the case study information provided here as your only source of information about the change at Stanley.

Your analysis needs to:-a. Identify the type of change that the organisation is going through and justify your response. Your discussion should include the four major components of the organisation; people, process, structure and technology. Marking criteria for case study1. Demonstrate an understanding of change on organisations in the global environment and the impact of these on organisational systems?

Demonstrate problem solving skills that identify and solve organisational problems, creatively and practically, to increase effectiveness of management process in change situations? Meeting Customer Needs? Internal Manufacturing Approach The Best e. Have a range of quality goals which are representative of broader strategic goal s and which represent the range of quality dimensions.

Hui et al, Suggestion that entrepreneurship, creativity, accountability and…. Suppose a consumer wants to watch House of Cardsand has discovered that a Netflix subscription is the only way to do so.

What stage of the consumer decision-making process is she in? Name and describe the inner tension she feels. Anchor Motor Freight, Inc. Answer the following case questions in a Word document and submit them to the drop box as instructed below.

As always, write in effective sentences with proper mechanics. Why were the employees discharged? Were they actually guilty of such misconduct? Explain your answer. What is the effect of the arbitration board decision in this case? What must the employees demonstrate to establish a breach of the duty of fair representation? How would that affect the decision of the arbitration board? BP provide emergency plumbing repairs of all types sewerage, burst pipes, leaks,etc.

case study

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View Aditya Nain case study from ENT at Bryant University. Trade Barter, the Rimzi Chamber of Commerce and the Rimzi University of. and the Rimzi University of Economics 1)What kind of studies should the Chamber Nudge_ Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness (PDFDrive).​pdf.

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Economics essay example

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