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Venezuela: The Rise and Fall of a Petrostate

He argued that the real cause of the Peloponnesian War was the rapid increase in the power of Athens and the fear this aroused in Sparta, which had dominated Greece thus far. In the fifth century B. This irritated the Spartans, whose state had been the dominant land power in Greece throughout the preceding century. With its rising power, its confidence also increased, as did its awareness of past injustices and determination to right the wrongs that were committed against it. The lesson that Thucydides taught us, however, is that alliances are a double-edged sword.

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from to , by Paul Kennedy , first published in , explores the politics and economics of the Great Powers from to and the reason for their decline. Kennedy argues that the strength of a Great Power can be properly measured only relative to other powers, and he provides a straightforward and persuasively argued thesis: Great Power ascendancy over the long term or in specific conflicts correlates strongly to available resources and economic durability; military overstretch and a concomitant relative decline are the consistent threats facing powers whose ambitions and security requirements are greater than their resource base can provide for. He concludes that declining countries can experience greater difficulties in balancing their preferences for guns, butter and investments. The "military conflict" referred to in the book's subtitle is therefore always examined in the context of "economic change. For that reason, how a Great Power's position steadily alters in peacetime, is as important to this study as how it fights in wartime. The relative strengths of the leading nations in world affairs never remain constant, principally because of the uneven rate of growth among different societies and of the technological and organizational breakthroughs which bring a greater advantage to one society than to another.

I purchased the audio download version of this course at a great price with low expectations. I'm ha… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog. First, Economics was my undergraduate minor. I enjoy this subject but was not gifted enough to make it my major. This course has great substance. Professor Rodriguez, to me, seems more like an economic historian than an economist, which is fantastic. He is saying there is no one answer to why economics rise or fall.

Leadership and the Rise of Great Powers

Since it was discovered in the country in the s, oil has taken Venezuela on an exhilarating but dangerous boom-and-bust ride that offers lessons for other resource-rich states. Geopolitics of Energy. Oil and Petroleum Products. Economic Crises. Petrostates are thought to be vulnerable to what economists call Dutch disease , a term coined during the s after the Netherlands discovered natural gas in the North Sea. In an afflicted country, a resource boom attracts large inflows of foreign capital, which leads to an appreciation of the local currency and a boost for imports that are now comparatively cheaper.

British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. Kennedy, Paul M. The rise and fall of the great powers: economic change and military conflict from to

Why Economies Rise or Fall

Almost 30 years ago, Yale historian Paul Kennedy touched an American nerve. Great powers, in order to remain great powers, had a task that was simple to understand but difficult to execute: to balance wealth and their economic base with their military power and strategic commitments. These states therefore faced a constant triple tension between investment, defense and consumption.

The nation-state developed fairly recently. Prior to the s, in Europe, the nation-state as we know it did not exist. Back then, most people did not consider themselves part of a nation; they rarely left their village and knew little of the larger world. If anything, people were more likely to identify themselves with their region or local lord.

After a period of US dominance of the international political and economic systems, the world order began to undergo what many came to see as a fundamental structural change from the mids. This was initially associated with the rise of the BRICS countries Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and from South Africa , and was then accelerated by the financial crisis that hit the core Western countries after This chapter begins by examining the US-led global order that emerged at the end of the cold war and the arguments that this was likely to remain stable and to endure.

We also present an overview of the comparative world-systems approach to bounding social systems and conceptualizing the rise and fall of large polities within systems of competing and allying polities. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

However, the comeback of great power conflicts and the blatancy of global power shifts has led to a kind of resurgence of theoretical approaches that focus on the role of power. Considering the fate of Ukraine a country that voluntarily gave up its nuclear weapons after the Cold War for security assurances by the great powers including Russia , some scholars have even begun to wonder whether realists who praised nuclear deterrence and thus warned countries that had already acquired nuclear weapons not to give them up were not right after all. And considering the meteoric rise of China, scholars are increasingly beginning to utilise the theoretical lens of power transition theory PTT to evaluate its potential impact on international security Lee ; Kim and Gates ; Lim ; Jeffery ; Levy ; Lemke and Tammen

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