zte bts installation and commissioning pdf

Zte Bts Installation And Commissioning Pdf

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What the operators need is to build the network at a high speed using advanced equipments. In order to keep up with the explosive increase in the subscriber number and meet the further growing requirements, operators need to gain more perfect network coverage with lower costs.

The answer, according to. ZTE, is to install a single standard of IP Radio. Page 2. This guide will give you a brief overview of the OpenBTS.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Josef Ahsan. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. The "hut" at the base of the tower or in the basement of a tall building is configured with the RF transceivers and RF amplifiers, along with the baseband processing unit, test and alarm unit, ac power, battery back-up systems, and a backhaul transport unit MSC connection , all of which are typically installed in a single rack enclosure.

The RF amplifiers drive through the cables to the antenna located at the top of the elevated tower. Some architecture changes are being implemented to correct some of these long-standing drawbacks. Five basic Base Station architectures are in use today Indoor Macro Base StationIndoor macro base station, is the fourth generation base station developed by Huawei.

Alarms which is not supposed to be blocked has to be unblocked. But blocking certain non-serviceaffecting alarms may be desired in some cases so that network operators will not be getting too many alarms that is repetitive in nature.

This means a reduction of electrical energy losses to half of the value compared to traditional switch mode rectifier technology. Half the electrical losses also means half of waste heat dissipation from the rectifier's power conversion. Therefore it is also possible to reduce the size of air-conditioning equipment and to save a significant amount of the energy which is needed to get rid of the heat losses from the equipment, compared to a traditional BTS.

If smart modern air-conditioning is combined with High-Efficiency rectifier technology, energy savings will pay back the higher investment costs compared to traditional systems in short timeusually within less than 2 years. They are needed to make the power feeding of the telecom load uninterruptable, if a mains failure occurs the load completely or are still in standby mode and need time to start up as it might happen with a backup battery.

When the battery is going to completely discharge, the sensor technology will again send the percentage of power remaining in the back up battery to the operator through GSM technology. Once by knowing the charging of the battery, the operator will decide whether to switch on the diesel generator or not. As once the power is gone the back battery can be automatically switched on, but by using the GSM technology the operation can decide whether to switch on the diesel generator or the battery.

Depending on the time constraint there is necessity of switching on the diesel generator, as the backup battery cannot supply the sufficient power to the cell sites for a long time. Backup batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and their lifetime depends a lot on their 58 operational temperature, number of charge and discharge cycles and they require some maintenance during their lifecycle.

This has to be considered in the planning phase of the BTS and will have an influence on the decision of the air-conditioning system. Depending on the region where the BTS is installed, solar power can provide an important contribution for the power supply.

The highest power demand in a typical BTS is based on 48Vdc voltage. As long as there is solar energy available, the solar converters contribute to the BTS feed and if possible even charge the battery.

But there are some disadvantages to be considered. Solar converters can deliver power only during sunshine hours. During the night or on cloudy days, other energy sources have to cover the power demand of the BTS.

Large solar panels are expensive and take up considerable space. That is the reason why solar energy is only useful for applications with low DC-power demand with less than 2kW. There has to be enough space for the solar panel and no item around which might cause shadow or pollution.

Depending on the region, snow could also become an issue. Besides the technical restrictions it is also important to protect solar panels from theft in unmanned locations. In summary it can be said, that solar power is a good add-on to save mains energy but solar power is an unreliable source for BTS applications in cell sites.

Therefore a highly efficient inverter is needed which converts the DC voltage from the load and battery to the requested AC-voltage. A typical AC consumer in a BTS is the active air-conditioning system, which only works under extreme temperature conditions.

Some 3G radio equipment also has direct AC feed and depends on inverters as well. This would allow one to design systems which just use DC and avoid the additional conversion step from DC to AC including its losses. As long as the most air-conditioning systems use some AC power, inverters will still be in place. If there is a public mains supply available, AC loads are usually directly fed from the mains to reduce conversion losses.

A static switch unit monitors the mains voltage and if the mains power fails, the AC loads will be connected to the output of the inverter modules. This offline mode reduces losses which are generated from the DC to AC conversion process in the inverter. In off-grid BTS sites there is no static switch. The AC load has to be considered when the backup time and energy consumption during a mains outage period is calculated. A video surveillance is also provided in the BTS room, to view the room and get the instantaneous information.

The remote interface, wireless GSM modems are mainly operated by either controllers or processor. When the power is off then the operator will receive a message from the control unit. Then the operator can switch on the diesel generator by sending the commands.

The sensors that are kept in the BTS room will report the temperature in the room, so that the operator can switch on the air conditioning unit in the BTS room. Free cooling of the BTS during the major part of the year saves a lot of energy compared to traditional air condition equipment. In many cases it is not possible, just to work with fee cooling systems.

This means that for periods of extreme temperature, active heating or cooling is required. For this reason we can find a combination of fee cooling and active air-conditioning in the most cases.

Unfortunately this is the most expensive solution according to invest costs, but may gain back the money with reduced energy costs within only a few years of operation, depending on the given conditions.

Target is to use the fee cooling mode as much as possible and to reduce the active air conditioning time to the very lowest limit. This requires that the installed equipment needs to have a wide range of operating temperature.

The smaller the operating temperature range of the equipment, the more often active regulation and active airconditioning is required. So it is a challenge for all component and equipment manufacturers to design their products for a wide temperature range. If this is fulfilled, fee cooling can give all benefits and possible energy savings. Additionally, modem airconditioning systems are noise reduced compared to older models, which is also a contribution to the environmentally friendly. This is the ideal case to save mains energy.

The control unit is responsible for power management which keeps the mains rectifiers in a standby mode and DC power is only provided from the solar converters. The backup battery is in a standby-mode, always prepared to start within about 15 seconds. AC consumers are directly fed from the mains. In this mode all DC power is generated from alternative sources.

If the DC power of the solar and wind converters drops below the load request, the backup battery supports the load feed. If the battery is discharged to a certain level, mains rectifiers are started and support the power feed of the loads.

In this case the mains rectifiers work in parallel with the power sources on the same DC power bus, sharing the load in such a way that as much energy is used as possible. If there is no solar energy available at all, the mains rectifiers deliver the full DC power and recharge the battery, if this is necessary.

AC consumers are fed directly via the static switch from the mains. As soon as there is more energy available than load demanded, the rectifiers go back into a standby mode and Mode I is active again. The AC consumers are fed from the inverter. As soon as the mains power is back, the system is switched to Mode I immediately.

This is the time to start the battery. The battery output is connected to the same DC-power bus as the solar converters. Now all regenerative power sources are working in parallel, managed by the central control unit and share the load with their capabilities.

Priority is to use as much energy from sun as possible, and to reduce hydrogen consumption to a minimum. As soon as mains is available again, the battery will return into the standby mode and the system will return into Mode 2. Type 5: Emergency ModeIf there is a critical problem with the central control unit, the system has to be switched to the Emergency Mode.

The output voltage of the rectifiers is set a little bit above the voltage of the solar converters. So the rectifiers will take the load as long as there is mains power available.

If mains power fails as well during this condition, solar converters can take the load. If the load is too high and the battery gets discharged to a certain value, automatically and contribute to the power. The power management is no more optimized to save hydrogen resources, but the system will still feed the load. Therefore it is a failsafe mode for the uninterruptable power. With this paper we can develop low cost, real-time system which can monitor and control the operation of cell sites.

We also believe that the described control and maintenance system will be an important tool in our efforts to create a better total availability for the power feeding of our different telecommunication systems. EricssionEricsson was, for a period, the largest vendor of mobile phones in the world.

It holds 2. ZTE's core products are wireless, exchange, access, optical transmission, and data telecommunications gear; mobile phones; and telecommunications software. It also offers products that provide value-added services, such as video on demand and streaming media. They are working with leading Telecommunication companies like: Teletalk, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, etc. Express System ltd. Being in the industry since , with over two years of service in handling installation and commissioning projects in the field of telecommunications They have managed to establish strong business relationships with major Network OEMs, service providers and cellular telephone technology providers and operators like Huawei, Ericsson, NEC, ZTE, China Com Service, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi and many others.


Download: Zte bts commissioning manual Read Online: Zte bts commissioning manual zte bts alarms zte bbu zte lmt software download bts installation pdf bts installation and commissioning training bts configurationzte bts cards details nokia ultra bts commissioning steps pdf. Uploaded by. Diwakar Mishra. Zte Bts Manual. Each site has a set of RF cables corresponding to the site type. System Commissioning Manual. David Hunte.

On completion of this course, you will acquire a hands-on practical experience on Maintenance of Active Equipments on Telecom Sites. Module - K: Miscellaneous activities at telecom sites. Module L: Site acceptance and its Procedures. Method of Training: Providing well designed training material to all the candidates, Lectures by qualified and highly experienced trainers. Preparing the trainees for a successful outing in interviews. Skip to content. We teach you how to Fish.

Quick Links Download this manual. ZXG10 BS Page 2: Revision History The contents of this document are protected by copyright laws and international treaties. Additionally, the contents of this document are protected by contractual confidentiality obligations. China Thank you for your cooperation!

Zte bts commissioning manual

Embed Size px x x x x Anti-static protection: please wear anti-static wrist strap when checking equipment. Please follow the instructions described in engineering specifications to perform operations on modules. For redundant modules, please pack them with anti-static bags.

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Zte ZXG10 BS21 Maintenance Manual

Page 2: Revision History The contents of this document are protected by copyright laws and international treaties. Additionally, the contents of this document are protected by contractual confidentiality obligations. China

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