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Kenyon was born on April 25, , in Hadley , New York.

E. W. Kenyon

Thinking men and women of this age have been rebelling against the orthodox interpretation of the Bible as presented in denominational creeds. A spirit of unrest has seized the heart of Christendom; many of the old landmarks of Faith have been destroyed by modern Criticism. The Faith of millions has been shattered; the Church has lost its grip on the imagination of the age; the ministry is wandering in the byways of unbelief; they have found an interrogation point on every signboard of theological thought, There is almost no coherence of doctrine in any of our great denominational bodies.

We are confronted with questions which demand answers. Here is the world, a universe, a human family; why are they? Science has not answered the question nor attempted to solve the problem. We came to believe in the early days of our investigation that there could be no enduring system of Science, Philosophy, or Theology that was not based upon an intelligent answer to the age-long problem of the "Why of Creation.

I believe that the Faith of those who read will be strengthened, that knowledge will take the place of vague speculations, and strength, the place of weakness. These two basic facts of revelation have been covered by the verbiage of Theological speculation. Second, Redemption from a Sin Catastrophe. Third, the Dream Coming True.

The entire Plan of Redemption is a revelation of the heart-hunger and loneliness of the great Father God; the first step in this stupendous drama of Creation was God's dream and His blueprints of Man's beautiful Home. No prospective husband-father ever dreamed more ardendy of the home-nest than did the Father God dream over the contemplated home of His child the human: so He took ages on ages to build an earth-home, to store it with treasures that only His mind could conceive and His power create.

Each star and constellation is held in its place by the word of His power, and each one has a regular course marked out over which it travels. Each star and planet, each constellation and group has its own office work to perform for the earth, God's wonderful home for His human, His child, His family.

This book is a story of Love's processes to save man from himself and to present him a faultless, happy family in the presence of the living Father God. It differs from all the religions in the world in this respect. It is not a creed, nor a set of Doctrines, nor a body of Ethics. Creeds have been made out of it. Laws have been made out of it. Doctrines have been formulated from its teachings, and the world's best Ethics have been its products. They are all parts of it, segments of the great Family Fact.

Christianity is not a science any more than your family is a Science, but it is based upon scientific facts. Christianity is not a Philosophy, but it is the Revelation of the divine-human relationships. Christianity is not a Theology, it is the reality of man's Redemption and union with God.

He had buih a cabin. It had become a home to him. His heart was utterly discouraged. Prospect after prospect had failed him. Sitting in front of the cabin one morning he decided to plant some flowers. Taking his pick and shovel he began to work. He had worked but a few moments when he uncovered one of the richest veins of ore in that entire section. He had walked over it for years. The same thing is true in regard to one of the most remarkable discoveries we have ever made in the Word.

The difference between the miner and ourselves is this: we have known this fact in a vague way, but never realized its significance. We did not know that it solved the whole rationalistic attitude of the scholastic world toward the Bible.

We did not know that it solved the problem of Biblical interpretation. We did not know that it was the solution for the condition of the modern church. We did not know that it solved the problem of the apostasy of a large part of our theological schools. It is the amazing fact that there are two Kinds of Knowledge in the world today, and we have never contrasted them or compared them.

One is the Knowledge that we teach in our great universities, technical schools, and colleges. The other is Knowledge that comes from the book called the Bible. He has gained no knowledge independently of them. We may illustrate the limitation of sense knowledge by the following example; A blind man who has neveT possessed the sense of sight, could never know anything of color; a deaf man who had never heard, could never know anything of sound.

So we also with our Five Senses know nothing except as it has come to our minds through these five channels. In other words that vast body of knowledge has come through experimentation. Our bodies have been the source of this knowledge.

We call it Sense Knowledge. It comes through Sense Perception. Our bodies have really been experimenting stations. The vast knowledge of Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Mechanics has come through man's persistent experiments. It is no wonder that these men who have only contacted the physical through their Sense Perceptions should deny the existence of God, because they cannot find Him in the material world. They cannot find spirit nor soul through their experiments in Chemistry or Biology.

You can see why they naturally would rule out the supernatural, why miracles would be impossible to them. They do not realize the fact that there are just as great realities in the realm of the spirit as in the realm of the material. They have failed to grasp the fact that man is a spirit being, and that a Revelation from God was imperative. This Revelation Knowledge leads us into the realm of miracles. By this Revelation we have come to know God as a real Father.

We have been able to contact Him, able to bring Him into the material world where we have come to know Him. Consequently in their realm they deny His existence. You can understand now why a man who has never been Born Again cannot expound the Scriptures and give us their spiritual content. Only a man whose mind has been illuminated by the New Birth can know God or understand His Revelation.

This explains why the church should not have taken so seriously the criticisms of the Bible by men of great scholarship who had never been Born Again. Some of these men have even translated the BibJe. We do not question their honesty or their scholarship. They did the best that a man with mere Sense Knowledge could do.

We would not feel like criticizing a blind man for his attempt to interpret one of our great masterpieces of art. This explains why Dr. Darwin gave to us the Darwinian Hypothesis of Evolution. Sense Knowledge is limited. Natural man does not know the source of life, the source of matter, the origin of man, or the origin of the animal kingdom. He knows nothing of how creation came into being. He feels that he must give some explanation, and so he guesses.

Evolution is largely made up of guesses. We have God's declaration of how all these came into being. Sense Knowledge repudiates it, and we can understand that, It would be unnatural for them to do otherwise.

We can see now the limitations of Sense Knowledge. It is explained fully in 1 Cor. He can only know material things. We can understand this,for we know that every contact that man has with the outwardworld is through his central nervous system and its five senses, the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

These senses belong to the physical body, and they can only contact matter. Therefore, man knows only that which is physically discerned. He has learned a great deal about the universe in which he lives but nothing about the Creator.

As Voltaire has said, he has been able to study the stars but himself he has not come to know. God has met man on his own level and given to him a revelation that he can contact with his five senses.

Which things we speak, not in words which man's wisdom tcacheth, but which the spirit teacheth combining spiritual things with spiritual words. The question might arise in the minds of some: Why is it that God created man in such a way that it would be impossible for him to know Him without a revelation? God created man, as we shall see more fully in a later chapter of this book, a spirit being and gave to him a body for the home of the spirit.

Through his physical body man was to contact the outward world which was to be his home. This knowledge of this world was to come to him through the medium of his five senses.

The purpose of the nervous system was never to reveal God to man; man was to know God through his spirit. When man died spiritually, that is, became alienated from God, he was left without a channel through which he could know God.

It then became necessary foe God to meet man on the level of the medium through which he gained his knowledge. God has done this and this revelation is known to us as the Bible.

Author's Preface 17 The natural man, the physical man, the man with only Sense Knowledge cannot understand this Revelation of God. He must be re-created, his mind illuminated before he can judge spiritual things. So the church need not be terrified by the new atheistic attitude toward the Bible.

Practically all the modern scientists show in their writings a hunger for God, but they cannot find Him with Sense Knowledge. We have written this book to show the Sense Knowledge people the need of a Revelation, and the facts that are revealed in this Revelation.

Father & His Family:

New Creation Realities by E. In His Presence by E. Essek William Kenyon — was an evangelist, pastor, president of a Bible Institute, author, songwriter and poet. He is best known for the numerous books that he authored that are still in great demand today. He wrote for the spirit man, addressing the heart more than the head. In his writings E. Kenyon calls the believer up and out of the mire of traditional unbelief into the deep, rich treasures of our redemption in Christ.

APA citation style: Kenyon, E. W. () The Father and His family. [Spencer, Mass., Reality Press] [Pdf] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,​.

E. W. Kenyon

Although desiring to be an actor, Kenyon earned a living as a piano and organ salesperson. Kenyon first married Evva Spurling. The two were married on May 8,

A spirit of unrest has seized the heart of Christendom; many of the old landmarks of Faith have been destroyed by modern Criticism. The Faith of millions has been shattered; the Church has lost its grip on the imagination of the age; the ministry is wandering in the byways of unbelief; they have found an interrogation point on every signboard of theological thought, There is almost no coherence of doctrine in any of our great denominational bodies.

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E. W. Kenyon (1867–1948)
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