artificial intelligence final exam questions and answers pdf

Artificial Intelligence Final Exam Questions And Answers Pdf

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artificial intelligence final exam questions and answers pdf

Here are some notes on the midterm exam, which will be held in class in mid-March, probably on Wednesday, March This will fill in some of the gaps in our class coverage and discussions and also provide more background knowledge. Note that there will be no questions on Lisp, Prolog or any topics related to them e. The final exam will be given on from pm to 3 pm Friday, May 17 in our classroom, Fine Arts The final will be comprehensive with more emphasis on material since the midterm exam.

Review the slides we showed in class, the homework assignments, and the old exams I've given in previous semesters. Chapter 7,8 : Logical Agents 7. Chapter Learning from Examples Chapter Neural Networks Here are old exams that you can use as examples of what to expect. The content has varied over the years, so you should ignore anything that we did not cover this semester.

Exams We will have an in-class midterm exam in mid-March and a final from pm to pm Friday, May 17 in our classroom, Fine Arts Midterm exam Here are some notes on the midterm exam, which will be held in class in mid-March, probably on Wednesday, March Chapter 2: Intelligent agents Understand the basic frameworks and characteristics of environments and agents introduced in chapter 2.

Chapters 3 and 4: Search Take a problem description and come up with a way to represent it as a search problem by developing a way to represent the states, actions, and recognize a goal state. Be able to analyze a state space to estimate the number of states, the 'branching factor' of its actions, etc. Know the properties that characterize a state space finite, infinite, etc. Understand local search algorithms including hill-climbing and its variants, simulate annealing and genetic algorithms.

Know how to simulate these algorithms. Be able to develop heuristic functions and tell which ones are admissible. Understand how to tell if one heuristic is more informed than another. Be able to take a problem description and set it up as a CSP problem. For example, identify a reasonable set of variables, indicate the domain of each, describe the constraints that must old on variables or sets of variables.

Understand the forward checking and ARC-3 algorithms and be able to simulate them. Understand the min-constraints algorithm and be able to simulate it. Chapter 6: Adversarial search and Be able to take a game and develop a representation for it and its moves and to describe a reasonable static evaluation function. Understand how to handle games with uncertainty. Be familiar with the basic concepts of game theory -- strategies, payoffs, Nash equilibrium, prisoner's dilemma, dominant strategies, etc.

Some old midterms Here are some old midterm exams and a few from , the graduate version of

Artificial Intelligence Questions and Answers Set 1

There will be a take-home final exam. Should you have any questions on this review, please contact Arash. Final Exam: Time: Wednesday, March 18, , - a. Understanding Naive. Extra office hours on Thursday March 13th in Packard from 1pm to 5pm.

Artificial Intelligence Questions and Answers Set 1

Please use non-programmable calculators only. Links; Problem Sets. Artificial Intelligence multiple choice questions and answers are given below. May 9, Perceptrons and SVMs 20 2.

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Where Do I Start? This page simply contains links to the past exams stored in the files section.. This is a problem.

Multiple Choice Questions: 1. We have included AI programming languages and applications, Turing test, expert system, details of various search algorithms, game theory, fuzzy logic, inductive,.. Missed a question here and there?

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