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Food Security and the Sustainable Livelihood Approach to Development in Uganda

Due to the unstable and meagre agricultural context of the study area, farm income alone could not feed the ever increasing population. PIF preparation was guided by existing policies and strategies of the Government of Ethiopia. Resilience strategies should target both host communities and displaced people through access and employment opportunities, to prevent conflicts over resources. In a nutshell, the economic policy, development strategy, food security strategy and food security program seem well linked. Food Policy. Livelihood Strategies and Outcomes Livelihood strategies aim to achieve livelihood … n n n from rural to informal urban livelihoods as possible adaptive strategies for smallholder farmers. Why does food insecurity persist in Ethiopia?

This commonly refers to people having "physical and economic access" to food that meets both their nutritional needs and food preferences. ZOA has a long-term commitment, enabling us to ensure that people, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, participate in activities toward sustainable livelihoods and food security. Save the Children is a key player in food security and livelihoods work in Ethiopia, ranging from life saving food distributions to long-term livelihood improvement and market support. Ethiopia has significant agricultural potential because of its water resources, its fertile land areas, and its … n Keywords: Livelihood strategies, determinants of food security, rural households, binary logit model, Woliata, Ethiopia 1. Due to the unstable and meagre agricultural context of the study area, farm income alone could not feed the ever increasing population.

Food Security and Livelihoods

In a world that produces enough food for everyone, it is unacceptable that million people suffer from hunger or, in other words, their food security is not guaranteed. The availability, access and consumption of nutritional food guarantees food security. Our food security and livelihood projects, as well as dealing with issues regarding production, access and income, help prevent and anticipate future outbreaks of malnutrition. Projects designed to promote agricultural production and the activity of local markets, support micro-enterprise initiatives, etc. The causes of food insecurity depend on a range of factors - national and international policies that affect agricultural development or trade; food price fluctuations; pandemics like malaria or TB; armed conflict; and natural disasters. For this reason, we coordinate food security activities with those that deal with nutrition, water and sanitation and health. We always count on the participation of the affected community at all levels and at all stages of a project and, from the very beginning, we plan for the transfer of the responsibility for the project to the community.

Food Security has a direct impact on the nutritional and health status of people. It exists when "all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. Food Security is often closely linked to Nutrition. Minimum standards helping humanitarian actors ensure adequate food security in humanitarian contexts. Yearly report monitoring progress of the Sustainable Development Goals related to food security and malnutrition, while also providing an analysis of the underlying causes and drivers of observed trends. Reference manual on the management of emergency nutrition field situations for humanitarian workers and medical professionals with limited nutrition training in emergencies. Public platform, co-led by FAO and WFP, aiming to improve coordination and partnerships, to provide operational support, to build the capacity of stakeholders, and to ensure improved food security responses in humanitarian settings.

Availability, access and proper use of food sustained over time

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Ethiopian agriculture is incredibly sensitive to shifts in weather. The framework defines and categorises the different types of assets and entitlements which households have access to. In theory, all chronically food insecure households in Ethiopia should be registered on the PSNP, and those with labour capacity should exit from the programme i. Household Asset Building Program For Later.

Households combine capital assets in a process involving human agency and resourcefulness to construct livelihood strategies and generate well-being outcomes. Here, we 1 characterized types of livelihood strategies; 2 determined how different capital assets are associated with different livelihood strategies; and 3 determined how livelihood strategies differed in food security outcomes. We conducted a survey in southwestern Ethiopia and used principal component and cluster analyses.

Availability, access and proper use of food sustained over time

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