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What Is Scholasticism And Why Is It Important Pdf

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Scholasticism is a school of medieval philosophy or, perhaps more precisely, a learning method which was taught by the academics of medieval universities and cathedrals in the period from the 12th to the 16th century. It was a school that combined logic , metaphysics and semantics into a single discipline, and has helped us to develop our understanding of logic in a meaningful way. The term " scholastic " derives from the Latin word " scholasticus " and from the Greek " scholastikos " which literally means "to dedicate leisure to learning" or "scholar" and the Greek " scholeion " which has the meaning " school ". The term "scholars" is also commonly used to describe scholastics. It is a current of teaching that was the result of the union of theological thought and philosophical thought that sought to understand and give an explanation about the supernatural revelations that Christianity had. We can say that the scholasticism is a tool and a method of learning based on dialectical reasoning and is aimed at answering a series of questions or resolving contradictions. It consisted, in other words, of a current of philosophy that sought the way to relate and integrate reason with faith in the best possible way but giving greater importance to faith.

The macro-level business ethics in Scholasticism contrasts with modern Anglo-Saxon Capitalism, which is very influential worldwide. Scholasticism, developed between the thirteenth and the mid-seventeenth centuries, deals with key elements of free market morality, including private property, contracts, profits, prices, and free competition. Scholasticism offered the crucial lesson of the centrality of justice and the role of practical wisdom in considering market morality. Justice is seen as both a virtue and a principle, and commutative justice justice in exchanges with the common good of society as the reference for the Scholastics, is regarded as being especially important. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Please try refreshing the page.


Scholasticism is a Medieval school of philosophy or, perhaps more accurately, a method of learning taught by the academics of medieval universities and cathedrals in the period from the 12th to 16th Century. It combined Logic , Metaphysics and semantics into one discipline, and is generally recognized to have developed our understanding of Logic significantly. The term "scholastic" is derived from the Latin word "scholasticus" and the Greek "scholastikos" meaning literally "devoting one's leisure to learning" or "scholar" and the Greek "scholeion" meaning "school". The term "schoolmen" is also commonly used to describe scholastics. Scholasticism is best known for its application in medieval Christian theology , especially in attempts to reconcile the philosophy of the ancient classical philosophers particularly Aristotle with Christian theology.

Scholasticism was a medieval school of philosophy that employed a critical method of philosophical analysis predicated upon a Latin Catholic theistic curriculum which dominated teaching in the medieval universities in Europe from about to It originated within the Christian monastic schools that were the basis of the earliest European universities. Scholasticism is not so much a philosophy or a theology as a method of learning, as it places a strong emphasis on dialectical reasoning to extend knowledge by inference and to resolve contradictions. Scholastic thought is also known for rigorous conceptual analysis and the careful drawing of distinctions. In the classroom and in writing, it often takes the form of explicit disputation ; a topic drawn from the tradition is broached in the form of a question, oppositional responses are given, a counterproposal is argued and oppositional arguments rebutted. Because of its emphasis on rigorous dialectical method, scholasticism was eventually applied to many other fields of study.


A system of education, created by the scholastics of the Middle Ages. The term scholastic, derived from the Latin schola school , designates both the curriculum of studies and the method of teaching employed. The foundation of scholastic education was the seven liberal arts , taught in an elementary way in the grammar school and in greater detail in the arts faculty of the university. In grammar school the principal emphasis was on Latin grammar learned from Priscian and Donatus, verified in the Latin Psalter, and developed in simple composition.

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Calvinism and Scholasticism in Vermigli's Doctrine of Man and Grace

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