understanding building and using baluns and ununs pdf

Understanding Building And Using Baluns And Ununs Pdf

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Demystifying Transformers: Baluns and Ununs

Baluns and ununs are essential in RF signal chains for many applications. RF balun designs are most commonly associated with core-and-wire transformers, but can also be realized through coaxial and coupled stripline technologies. The behavior of baluns and ununs was introduced in Part 1 of this series, where we established that both these devices are designed for impedance matching purposes. The major difference between them is that baluns are designed to match impedances between balanced and unbalanced circuits, whereas ununs provide impedance matching between two unbalanced circuits. This article aims to provide a deeper investigation into baluns and ununs with the main focus on baluns due to their greater prevalence in real-world applications.

Core, K8WDA. My little slide show presents only a top level look at baluns and ununs. For those who are not already bored to tears and desire a deeper understanding, the following reading is recommended. All on the list except for the first item are available for download on the Internet. Once there, simply click on a title or web address to view or download your copy. It helped me in my quest for answers.

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Demystifying Transformers: Baluns and Ununs

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DX Engineering Spring 2017 : Page 46

If the radial system is less than ideal—due to short radials, too-few radials or poor soil conductivity—the antenna system will try to use the feedline shield as part of the radial system. This leads to a loss in the eff iciency and a higher take-off angle. Oft en the current introduced on the shield of the feedline causes RFI at the operator position. Placing a vertical feedline current choke VFCC at the base of the quarter-wave antenna forces the currents to equalize between the vertical section and the radial system, even if the radial system is less than ideal.

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I'm looking for information on a balun for a quad, I want to build my own but not much info out there on 21 baluns. En bredbndet balun med ferritkerner blev frste gang beskrevet i radioamatrlitteraturen i af radioamatren Richard H. Turrin, W2IMU.

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