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Gait Speed in the Emergency Department: Improving Assessment Among Older Adults

Survival estimates help individualize goals of care for geriatric patients, but life tables fail to account for the great variability in survival. Physical performance measures, such as gait speed, might help account for variability, allowing clinicians to make more individualized estimates. Pooled analysis of 9 cohort studies collected between and , using individual data from 34 community-dwelling older adults aged 65 years or older with baseline gait speed data, followed up for 6 to 21 years. Participants were a mean SD age of There were 17 deaths; the overall 5-year survival rate was Gait speed was associated with survival in all studies pooled hazard ratio per 0. Survival increased across the full range of gait speeds, with significant increments per 0.

Tanya M. Wildes; Make time for gait speed: vital to staging the aging. Blood ; 4 : — In this issue of Blood , Liu and colleagues demonstrate that gait speed is a valuable predictor of outcomes in older adults with hematologic malignancies, independent of age, performance status, comorbidities, aggressiveness of malignancy, and treatment type. The authors showed that gait speed predicted unplanned hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and survival, with each 0. Slower gait speed results from convergence of aging-associated vulnerabilities on physiologic systems involved in walking.

The size of the data markers is proportional to the square root of the number of participants. The Q statistic for heterogeneity is Pooled using random effects and shared frailty models. Gait Speed and Survival in Older Adults. Physical performance measures, such as gait speed, might help account for variability, allowing clinicians to make more individualized estimates. Participants were a mean SD age of Gait speed was associated with survival in all studies pooled hazard ratio per 0.

Self-selected gait speed: A critical clinical outcome

There is a significant shortage of studies on the syndrome of frailty in Brazilian older adults, principally referring to components in isolation. Given that gerontological nursing is at an early stage regarding this issue, it is understood that the identification of the prevalence must be the key point of the research on the matter. Senescence involves a wide range of physiological and psychosocial changes which accompany the natural process of aging in humans 1. The action of personal and environmental factors over the course of an individual's life, in conjunction with the interaction caused by the person's genetic inheritance whether this is protective or detrimental can, as the years go by, impede the more traditional delimitation of concepts such as natural aging senescence and aging with frailty, which are usually separated - principally in very elderly individuals - by a tenuous line. Although there is not a consensus regarding its definition, aging with frailty is understood as a clinical state of vulnerability to stressing factors, which results in a decline in the physiological reserves, with a subsequent reduction in the efficiency of homeostasis 2 - 3.

Daniel K. White, Tuhina Neogi, Michael C. Nevitt, Christine E. Peloquin, Yanyan Zhu, Robert M. Boudreau, Jane A.

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Gait speed and survival in older adults.

Metrics details. Among community-dwelling older adults, mean values for gait speed vary substantially depending not only on the population studied, but also on the methodology used. Despite the large number of studies published in developed countries, there are few population-based studies in developing countries with socioeconomic inequality and different health conditions, and this is the first study with a representative sample of population.

Gait Speed and Survival in Older Adults

Clinicians currently measure gait distance, but gait speed is not routinely noted. Gait speed is a practical test that takes only minutes to complete and uses inexpensive equipment such as a stopwatch and a facility hallway. Figure 1.

Because there are no curative treatments for dementia, current treatment strategies are focused on management and prevention of symptom progression. These results suggest that a low or declining GS may be indicative of future cognitive function, though there is limited information regarding the association of GS in relation to dementia pathogenesis in very old people. Longitudinal observations of the association between changes in GS and cognition in very old people can be challenging because, in addition to their high risk of mortality, gait deficits become more likely with age, leading to the exclusion of participants who are unable to perform a GS test.

Join NursingCenter to get uninterrupted access to this Article. When you buy this you'll get access to the ePub version, a downloadable PDF, and the ability to print the full article. The research to practice column is intended to improve the research critique skills of the advanced practice registered nurse APRN and to assist with the translation of research into practice. This column critiques the findings from a meta-analysis, "Gait speed and survival in older adults," by S. Studenski et al. The study was designed to assess the use of gait speed as a physical performance measure that is associated with survival.

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