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Persuasion Theory

All about Persuasion Theory and business administration. Completely free. Log in. Get access now to all 12manage knowledge centers and discussion forums, including Persuasion Theory. Persuasion Theory is a mass communication theory that deals with messages aimed at subtly changing the attitudes of receivers.

The concept of Persuasion has been developed between the s and s after studies aimed at defining the optimal persuasive effectiveness of Propaganda, being it political or an advertising campaign. Like the Hypodermic Needle Theory , it considered audiences passive although the scope of a campaign switched from manipulation into persuasion.

Researches on Limited Effects of mass communication demonstrated that messages are successful only if they embed the same opinions of their receivers.

Therefore, the focus of any campaign has to be on individual psychological factors. In this perspective, persuasive messages are thus able to activate an attitude change that can modify behaviors of consumers, voters and individuals in general.

According to Persuasion Theory, the communication process consists of a three phase model: Communication-Attitudes-Behavior. Once they had developed the concept of persuasion, researchers on Persuasion Theory focused on the audiences and the content of messages. Regarding the message, Persuasion Theory identified 4 factors that facilitate and reinforce the persuasion process:. Following a rational approach to persuasion a scientific formula has been identified.

It has been proven that persuasion works well only if its purposes are realistic, taking into account an audience values, beliefs, motives and attitudes. Persuasion can be effective to achieve the following 5 main purposes. The main advantage of Persuasion Theory is that it offers cost-effective approaches for various uses. It can help in many different kind of situations: from resolution of conflicts to solve organizational, advertising, sales and marketing issues, but can also help in interpersonal relationships.

The author analyzed the most frequently used Persuasive Techniques to sustain a long-term cultural transformation of society. The attempt to change people's values or create new ones has proven to be highly ineffective. It is often impossible to radically transform an existing culture.

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X All about Persuasion Theory and business administration. Persuasion Theory Knowledge Center. Special Interest Group.

Persuasion Theory Special Interest Group. Forum about Persuasion Theory. Hypothesis of Persuasion Theory? Salam everybody Thank you so much, you helped me a lot in my thesis. What is the hypothesis of the persuasion theory? Best Practices. Theoretical Frameworks for Persuasion Campaigns to Change Behavior I am interested in persuasion theory and its practical application.

However, as a trainer, I realise that most student Expert Tips. What characteristics and what factors identify those Information Sources. What is persuasion? Six Universal Principles of The presentation includes various pos Grant is about attitudes, motivation and how affects persuasion.

The following sections are in Notify your students. Link to this knowledge center. This ends our Persuasion Theory summary and forum.


Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Bator and R. Bator , R. The goal of this article is to provide specific guidelines to help create effective proenvironmental public service announcements PSAs.

Persuasion Theory

Not all communication is intended to be persuasive; other purposes include informing or entertaining. Persuasion often involves manipulating people, and for this reason many find the exercise distasteful. Others might argue that, without some degree of social control and mutual accommodation such as that obtained through persuasion, the human community becomes disordered.

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Propaganda and Persuasion, Fifth Edition, has been significantly revised to reflect the growing use of global propaganda and the Internet. Please try again.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Geers and P. Aspiras and Fawn C.

Social psychology research has shown that persuasion happens in predictable ways. To identify patterns of persuasion in online social networks, we studied Facebook as a persuasive technology.

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