pdf research regarded on prevalence and associated factor of neonatal mortality

Pdf Research Regarded On Prevalence And Associated Factor Of Neonatal Mortality

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Metrics details. There is limited information on the determinants of infant mortality outcomes for the children of women prisoners. This study aimed to explore determinants of infant mortality for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children, with a specific focus on maternal imprisonment during pregnancy as a risk factor. Using linked administrative data we obtained a longitudinal sample of 42, infants born in Western Australia between October and June Data were analysed by maternal contact with corrective services, including; i imprisonment during pregnancy, ii imprisonment before but not during pregnancy, iii imprisonment after birth, iv community-based correctional orders but no imprisonment , and v no corrections record.

Determinants of neonatal mortality in Nigeria: evidence from the 2008 demographic and health survey

Background: Neonatal mortality rate is regarded as an important and sensitive indicator of the health status of a community. Children face the highest risk of dying in their first month of life. The present study was aimed to 1 determine the prevalence of neonatal mortality rate 2 identify socio-biological factors in relation to neonatal mortality. All the live births and all neonatal deaths were taken for one year from June to May A standard Verbal autopsy questionnaire WHO was used as a study tool. Results: The prevalence of neonatal mortality rate was

Determinants of infant mortality for children of women prisoners: a longitudinal linked data study

Birthweight is one of the most accessible and most misunderstood variables in epidemiology. A baby's weight at birth is strongly associated with mortality risk during the first year and, to a lesser degree, with developmental problems in childhood and the risk of various diseases in adulthood. Epidemiological analyses often regard birthweight as on the causal pathway to these health outcomes. Under this assumption of causality, birthweight is used to explain variations in infant mortality and later morbidity, and is also used as an intermediate health endpoint in itself. Evidence presented here suggests the link between birthweight and health outcomes may not be causal.

The control group consisted of children selected from the Live Births Information System database who shared the same birth date and city of residence. The influence of birth weight was also observed among newborns weighing under 1,g. Conclusions: This study identified five independent risk factors for neonatal death, the most notable of which is maternal history of neonatal death, which has not been properly acknowledged as a risk factor by previous studies. Estudo de casos e controles. It is estimated that almost one million neonatal deaths occur on the day of birth and that close to two million infants die in the first week of life.

Metrics details. Nigeria continues to have one of the highest rates of neonatal deaths in Africa. Neonatal deaths of all singleton live-born infants between and were extracted from the NDHS. The NDHS was a multi-stage cluster sample survey of 36, households. Of these households, survival information of 27, singleton live-borns was obtained, including cases of neonatal mortality. The risk of death was adjusted for confounders relating to individual, household, and community level factors using Cox regression.

Prevalence and factors associated with neonatal mortality among PDF ( Kb​) The study indicates that neonatal mortality was largely associated with In fact, teenage pregnancies have to be regarded as a high risk.

Cite this article: Abdellahi Weddih et al. Prevalence and factors associated with neonatal mortality among neonates hospitalized at the National Hospital Nouakchott, Mauritania. Pan African Medical Journal.

Most neonatal, infant, and child deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries LMICs , where incidence of intimate partner violence IPV is highest in the world. Despite these facts, research regarding whether the two are associated is limited. The main objective was to examine associations between IPV amongst East African women and risk of death among their neonates, infants, and children, as well as related variables. The outcome variables, described by proportions and frequencies, were the presence or absence of neonatal, infant, and under-five mortality. Our variable of interest, intimate partner violence, was a composite variable of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse; chi-square tests were used to analyze its relationship with categorical variables.

Metrics details. The study analyzes the spatial clustering and risk factors of infant mortality across high-focus states of India, using the Annual Health Survey — , Census of India , and District Level Household and Facility Survey-3 — Our empirical analysis underscores the importance of the infrastructure of the health facility in improving the infant mortality scenario of the districts.

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