la belle dame sans merci questions and answers pdf

La Belle Dame Sans Merci Questions And Answers Pdf

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La Belle Dame sans Merci

Skip to content. Table of Contents. The knight says that he met a beautiful fairy lady in the fields. He started hanging out with her, making flower garlands for her, letting her ride on his horse, and generally flirting like knights do. Finally, she invited him back to her fairy cave. Sweet, thought the knight.

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Brian Stone: The Poetry of Keats. There are two kinds of ballads—traditional and literary. The traditional or true ballad has its roots in the Middle Ages and the literary ballad was the revival of the ballad form in the nineteenth century. Ballads were written in the stanzas of four lines i. The ballad was a dramatic verse tale which moved rapidly. The ballad used little description, it narrated very few incidents and the details of the story were presented in a straight forward manner.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci | Summary, Model Explanations, Critical Analysis, Question Answers

What do the lily and the rose symbolize, and how do these images foreshadow the poem's events? In the poem's first stanzas, Keats uses images of a lily and fading rose to describe the knight's complexion. The lily, a white flower biblically associated with the Virgin Mary, symbolizes purity, virtue, and innocence. On the other hand, the rose, with its bright, red colors, commonly represents sex, desire, and romance. To have a rose on one's cheeks also indicates healthy and vitality—but the rose on the knight's cheek is fading, which suggests exhaustion, fatigue, and illness.

La Belle Dame sans Merci

What type of poem is this? To what extent do you agree that the main theme of the poem is the destructive power of love and beauty? At the end the lady goes away indifferent to dance and play while the lover is desperate to tear his hair and die. John Keats.

La Belle Dame sans Merci Discussion Questions

Find a contemporary song you think has the same message as Keats's poem. Compare the song with the poem to comment on the ways people of the nineteenth century and the twentyfirst century view love. Research why it is significant that Keats wrote the title of his poem in French.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Question and answers explains the summary of the poem very clearly. These are very helpful to the Literature students. Question Pattern in Exam: IV. How does Keats suggest the season in his ballad? The season in the poem is late autumn or early winter season. Keats describes this season through dry grass, squirrel's granary, harvest, and absence of birds.

In the poem, a medieval knight recounts a fanciful romp in the countryside with a fairy woman— La Belle Dame sans Merci , which means "The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy" in French—that ends in cold horror. Related to this focus on death and horror, Keats wrote the poem months after his brother Tom died of tuberculosis. Select any word below to get its definition in the context of the poem. The words are listed in the order in which they appear in the poem. Keats's Letter about Negative Capability — The letter from Keats to his brothers, George and Thomas, in which he describes his famous poetic concept of "negative capability. Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art. Ode on a Grecian Urn.

An unidentified speaker asks a knight what afflicts him. The knight is pale, haggard, and obviously dying. When he set her on his horse, she led him to her cave. There she had sung him to sleep. In his sleep he had nightmarish dreams.

Author Biography

John Keats Told in the form of a dialogue, the poem recounts the experience of loving dangerously and fully, of remaining loyal to that love despite warnings to the contrary, and of suffering the living death of one who has glimpsed immortality. At the beginning and end of the poem, the knight remains on "a cold hill's side," a world devoid of happiness or beauty, waiting for his love to return. Others claim the story is symbolic of the plight of the artist, who, having "fallen in love" with beauty, can never fully accept the mundane. Either way, the conclusion is the same: however self-destructive intense love may be, the lover has little choice in the matter.

La Belle Dame sans Merci Essay Questions

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Keats' Poems

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