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Zener Diode Questions And Answers Pdf

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Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Here you can find objective type Electronic Devices Special-Purpose Diodes questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided.

They are called breakdown diodes since they operate in breakdown region. The value of the resistance is the inverse of the slope of the i-v characteristics of the Zener diode. Which of the following can be used in series with a Zener diode so that combination has almost zero temperature coefficient? Zener diodes can be effectively used in voltage regulator. However, they are these days being replaced by more efficient.

Test: Zener Diode

Post a Comment. For a PN junction, match the type of breakdown with phenomenon. Avalanche breakdown. Zener breakdown. Punch through.

A Zener diode is a special type of diode designed to reliably allow current to flow "backwards" when a certain set reverse voltage, known as the Zener voltage , is reached. Zener diodes are manufactured with a great variety of Zener voltages and some are even variable. Diodes with a higher Zener voltage have a more gradual junction and their mode of operation also involves avalanche breakdown. Both breakdown types are present in Zener diodes with the Zener effect predominating at lower voltages and avalanche breakdown at higher voltages. Zener diodes are widely used in electronic equipment of all kinds and are one of the basic building blocks of electronic circuits. They are used to generate low-power stabilized supply rails from a higher voltage and to provide reference voltages for circuits, especially stabilized power supplies. They are also used to protect circuits from overvoltage , especially electrostatic discharge ESD.

Solved Problems On Zener Diode

Zener diode is a p-n junction diode specially designed for operation in the breakdown region in reverse bias condition. The effect of temperature on zener voltage is given in terms of temperature coefficient which is defined as the percentage change in nominal zener voltage for each degree centigrade of change in junction temperature. Define what happens to the series current , load current and zener current when the dc input voltage of a zener regulator increases? This property of zener diode makes its use as a voltage regulator. Thus zener diode maintains voltage constant across the load.

Answers indicated green with hints if required. A pure semiconductor is often referred to as. In a p-type semiconductor, the majority current Carriers are. A p-type semiconductor is a semiconductor doped with. A trivalent impurity. What is the DC output voltage of an unfiltered half wave rectifier whos peak output voltage is 9.

This set of Engineering Physics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Zenner Diode”. 1. Zener diode is designed to specifically work in.

Electronic Devices - Special-Purpose Diodes

It can, therefore, be represented by a battery of 50 V as shown in Fig. The first step is to determine the state of the zener diode. Consequently, it can be replaced by a battery of 50 V as shown in Fig. Under such conditions :. Under such conditions, we have,.

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Zener diode

What is a zener diode? Zener diode is a p-n junction diode specially designed for operation in the breakdown Like Page Learn More region in reverse bias condition. Be the first of your friends to like this 2. Define what is zener voltage? The voltage at which the zener diode breaks down is called the zener voltage. Find us on Google Plus 3. What is meant by the temperature coefficient?

By Patrick Hoppe. Students complete 10 practice problems. These deal with the determination of series current, zener current, and load current, and if the zener diode is operating in the breakdown region.

Follow-up question: what value of load resistance will result in zero current through the zener diode. (while still maintaining an output voltage of volts)?. Answer.

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    Solution: If you remove the zener diode in Fig. 1, the voltage V across the open-​circuit is given by: Since voltage across zener diode is greater.

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    ZENER DIODE LAB VIVA Questions: · 1. What is a zener diode? · 2. Define what is zener voltage? · 3. What is meant by the temperature coefficient? · 4. Define.

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