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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) Shooting script - HorrorLair

Home Forum Login. Jekyll and Mr. Download PDF. Summary of Dr. MAN as we fade in Thus, it is on this glorious Sabbath morning, in this momentous year, , that we naturally turn our thoughts to that way of life as exemplified by Victoria, Our Beloved Queen. For this week begins Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee. Her strength and goodness, her Christian principles, have walked in the light of God ever since her ascension to the throne.

From her heart has come an ever-increasing flow of virtue and moral blessing with which she has endowed us, her loving subjects. The man speaking is the Bishop, talking from the pulpit, backed up by the well-appointed magnificence of the Anglican altar.

For the most, they are the well-dressed and well-bred families of the period, listening attentively. A rugged, but strange-looking man of middle-age is seated here with his wife.

She is watching him anxiously. He is listening intently to the sermon, his head cocked forward. Then he looks away, passes his hand over his brow, and seems as though to rise - as he looks at the Bishop o. WIFE detaining him, with a nervous agonized whisper Sam - no!

What's wrong, Sam -? He looks at her, subsides, clenching his jaw. Page 3 2. And though we know not the time nor the season, we know that Evil in God's own time shall be wiped out by God. At this point the Bishop is startled by the interruption of a high-pitched, scornful evil laugh coming from the back of the church.

He looks up. His horrified little wife is trying to quiet him, and then looking about her at the other startled people. So you want to take all the fun out of life, eh, Bishop? One or two half turn about. Several look at each other, then back to the Bishop with stiff-backed composure.

Page 4 3. He is Dr. Henry Jekyll, his vital features alive with interest. Good old Beelzebub - the boy with the horns and the spiked tail - they're always running him down and he's the winner in the end every time. A man in back of him tries to pull him down, quietly.

He shakes him off laughing. In the b. The young girl with him starts to look back but the old gentleman on her other side nudges her not to do so. Page 5 4. It is because of these things that - that - he gives a signal to the choir-master - the world moves forward today. He motions to the awed kids in the choir to stop looking toward the back of the church. The music starts the introduction to the choral anthem. MAN with a last shout You don't think evil is on a holiday in here, do you?

Ask this bunch here when they met up with Old Nick last! Good Old Beelzebub! But he is drowned out both by the sudden high soprano boys' choir and the booming of the organ, as well as the fact that the three aisle - men drag him out of the pew into the vestry.

The poor wife follows. But the other people hardly notice him, in their disciplined conservatism. One aisleman dashes on ahead. He is laughing and muttering evilly. The little wife is hovering about, wringing her hands, as they lead the man from the main part of the church. Did Parker go for a constable? Take his other arm This is frightful Page 6 5.

The aislemen step back. MAN to Jekyll, who studies him Let me back in there and I'll tell 'em what a grown man really thinks about - Jekyll feels the man's pulse, lifts his eye-lid.

The man backs away a little. In the meantime, Jekyll has taken a card out and is writing on it. At this moment, another aisleman comes in with a very officious constable. Page 7 6. What's all this about? What's all this here - taking man who he sees is struggling Drunk and disorderly, eh?

Take him to the Camden Hospital. Give this card to Dr. It's always - then seen name on card, and looks up at Jekyll with sudden respect Oh, Dr. Bats, is he? Right, sir. Camden Hospital it is, Dr. We'll go and get a little fresh air in the belfry, eh? MAN as he is being led out, calling back over his shoulder Jekyll, eh?

Go on back and try to put old Beelzebub on his pit bottom, Jekyll! He'll show you! He'll poke his red beard over the rim! He jumps on hot fiery rubber, he does! Jekyll, eh? Page 8 7. Just as he reaches the pew the congregation rises and starts singing the hymn to which the choir has been singing the introduction. The girl is young, lovely, ripely virginal, Beatrix Emery. She gives Jekyll a little questioning look as he comes into pew.

The elderly man is her father, Sir Charles Emery - hawk nose over white mustache - correct and cultured in his imperious strength. Inside the church we hear the organ. Sir Charles, Beatrix and Jekyll are coming out. On a Sunday? Oh, you mean that outrageous individual that -? Most unusual. Page 9 8.

A footman stands holding the door open for them. A groom, in similar livery, is on the box. Don't be late. He kisses her on the lips, much to Sir Charles' consternation. She laughs and gets into carriage. Sir Charles, nervous about the kiss, looking about to see who has noticed it, follows Beatrix into carriage. As he holds her hand, he makes a surreptious little bite at it. All right, Jenkins. Jekyll starts backing away, in the opposite direction, waving to Beatrix.

He backs into a fat old dowager. Page 10 9. As she laughs louder, Sir Charles pulls her around. But good heavens - nibbling your knuckles Beatrix bursts out in a peal of healthy laughter, throwing back her head. Related books. Hyde Shooting script.

MIND THE GAP: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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A Conversation Between Syrian Poet Golan Haji and Actor Ammar Haj Ahmad

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