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Alphabet Test Questions and Answers For SBI Clerk

If in each of the words, all the alphabets are arranged in English alphabetical order within the word, how many words will NOT begin with a vowel? How many letters are there in the English alphabetical series between second letter of the word which is second from the right and the third letter of the word which is third from the left of the given words? If in each of the given words, each of the consonants is changed to previous letter and each vowel is changed to next letter in the English alphabetical series, in how many words thus formed will no vowels appear? If the last alphabet in each of the words is changed to the next alphabet in the English alphabetical order, how many words having two vowels same or different vowels will be formed? It the given words are arranged in the order as they would appear in a dictionary from left to right, which of the following will be fourth from the left?

Alphabet Testing Questions and Answers : Logical Reasoning

But in option 4, the fourth letter 'W' in the first word becomes Z in the second word, which should be Y. In each shown pairs there is one letter less than the number of letters between them in English alphabet. Practice online quiz, fully solved examples with detailed answers. Students who are preparing for competitive examinations can check the Alphabet Test Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers on this page. Postulates can verify the below sections of this post and take part in the online test to know Alphabet Test Verbal Reasoning Questions. All the applicants need to practice the given Alphabet Test Verbal Reasoning Online Test to know the questions and answers. The competitors can gather all the tips and tricks to solve the Alphabet Test Verbal Reasoning Questions from this post.

You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. Note that we have to find the pairs keeping the sequence of the letters of pair according to their sequence in English alphabet. Therefore go for search only from left to right. In each shown pairs there is one letter less than the number of letters between them in English alphabet. The seventh letter from the right is P.

Tags: No Tags on this question yet! If you count 21 letters in the English alphabet from the end and 20 letters from the begining. Which letter will appear exactly in the middle of the sequence thus formed? Which letter in this alphabet is the eighth letter to the right of the letter and which is tenth letter to the left of the last but one letter of the alphabet? In the given alphabet, last but one letter of alphabet is Y.

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Alphabet Test - Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

Nervous of Alphabet Test in Reasoning? Follow our Alphabet Test Quiz on this page for you. If you practice our Alphabet Test Questions well, it is a challenge that you can answer any Question undoubtedly. Therefore move on to our Alphabet Test Reasoning Questions. Moreover, we are providing Alphabet Test Questions and Answers for you to know the shortcut tricks on this page.

In this type, the question asked are based on finding the place of an English letter to the left or right of another English letter in the alphabetical order. Sometimes the Question are based on finding the number of English letter s between two different English letters. This type of question vary on the arrangement of alphabetical order. It can be Backward, first half backward, second half backward, multiple letter segments in changed order etc. Some of the question asked are based on finding the middle letter of two specified letters and in some questions it is asked that which letters do not change their place after alphabet arrangement.

The eighth letter from the end is R. Which letter is the 9th to the right of the 15th letter from your left in the following alphabet series? C is not as heavy as A.

Alphabet Test Quiz – Reasoning Questions and Answers

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