importance of warm up and cool down in sports pdf

Importance Of Warm Up And Cool Down In Sports Pdf

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Done correctly, warming up and cooling down may offer help in reducing your risk of injury and improving your athletic performance. Before you jump on the elliptical machine or hit the running trails, consider doing a brief warmup first. And think about following your workout with a quick cool-down session.

When commencing a bout of exercise your body needs to make a number of adjustments. These include:.

A good warm-up before a workout dilates your blood vessels, ensuring that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen. By slowly raising your heart rate, the warm-up also helps minimize stress on your heart. The cool-down is just as critical. It keeps the blood flowing throughout the body. Stopping suddenly can cause light-headedness because your heart rate and blood pressure drop rapidly.

Warm-Up and Cool Down

You can do cooldown exercises at the end of your workout to ease yourself out of strenuous activity. Cooldown exercises and stretches lower your chance of injury , promote blood flow, and reduce stress to your heart and other muscles. Dedicate at least 10 minutes of your workout to cooling down. Read on to learn some of the best ways to do so. From here, you can choose the exercises that appeal to you the most and put them together to create your workout recovery and relaxation routine. Do these exercises at a slower speed and lower intensity than your normal workout.

Time spent on warming up and cooling down may help improve an athlete's performance level and accelerate the recovery process needed before and after training or competition. As a result, the coach may wish to encourage the athlete to regard the warm-up and cool down as an essential part of both the training session and competition itself. Research work by McNair [1] and Knudson [2] suggests that the use of dynamic stretches - slow controlled movements through the full range of motion - are the most appropriate exercises for the warm-up. By contrast, static stretches are more appropriate for the cool down. Muscle stiffness is thought to be directly related to muscle injury, and the warm-up should be aimed at reducing muscle stiffness. Dynamic stretches are more appropriate to the warm-up as they help reduce muscle stiffness.

You might be eager to leap into your exercise routine and get on with the day — but don't just dive in. Starting a workout with "cold" muscles can lead to injury. It's important to start each workout with a warm-up and end with a cool-down — and that goes for true beginners, seasoned pros, and everyone in between. Warming up pumps nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to your muscles as it speeds up your heart rate and breathing. A good warm-up should last five to 10 minutes and work all major muscle groups. For best results, start slowly, then pick up the pace.

Warm Up, Cool Down

Stretching is a great way to cool down after an intense workout, but can also give your body a quick boost of energy. Do not twist your hips. Focus on core strength, eccentric control and proprioception. Performing stretching exercises after a run will help you cool down gradually and improve your flexibility. Following a well-structured conditioning program will also help you return to sports and other recreational activities. Download soccer drills pdf. Top 5 Dribbling soccer drills.

Warming up is a preparation for physical exertion or a performance by exercising or practicing gently beforehand, usually undertaken before a performance or practice. Athletes, singers, actors and others warm up before stressing their muscles. It is widely believed to prepare the muscles for vigorous actions and to prevent muscle cramps and injury due to overexertion. A warm up generally consists of a gradual increase in intensity in physical activity a "pulse raiser" , joint mobility exercise, and stretching , followed by the activity. For example, before running or playing an intensive sport, athletes might slowly jog to warm their muscles and increase their heart rate. It is important that warm ups be specific to the activity, so that the muscles to be used are activated. The risks and benefits of combining stretching with warming up are disputable, although it is generally believed that warming up prepares the athlete both mentally and.

Warming up

Players between the ages of years old become more susceptible to muscle pulls and you should have all your team stretch before playing. Players ages years should be taught the right way to stretch also, which is a great habit to start at an such an early age. Most injuries are to the hamstring and inside of thigh muscles.

The main objective of warming-up is to induce both temperature and non-temperature related responses to optimize performance. These responses include increasing muscle temperature, initiating metabolic and circulatory adjustments, and preparing psychologically for the upcoming task. As a result, this may precipitate neuromuscular and cardiovascular impairments limiting endurance capacity.

Warm-Up and Cool Down

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Warm-Up and Cool Down

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