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Locus of control is a psychological concept that refers to how strongly people believe they have control over the situations and experiences that affect their lives.

Locus of Control

This study examined the relationship between internal and external locus of control of parents with aggression in children in punitive and non-punitive families. The method of this study was descriptive and correlational type. The statistic population in this study included parents of children, male and female age group 12 to 15 years living in the city of Mashhad that were families. The families of statistic population were selected as sample by random sampling and using Cochran formula. Research samples were assessed by using questionnaires Rutter locus of control and aggression.

Locus of control: Upaya untuk menurunkan social loafing

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When examining the relationship of locus of control LOC with mental and physical health, internal and external loci of control have typically been defined as a single, bipolar construct, despite prior evidence that the two are orthogonal. Across three cross-sectional studies, we hypothesized that internal and external locus of control would each predict unique variance in well-being. Study 1 examined the association of LOC with psychological well-being, Study 2 examined the association between LOC and physical well-being, and Study 3 examined the association of three types of LOC with psychological, subjective, and physical well-being. Study 3 also employed three types of LOC assessments. Through a series of regression analyses, the results showed that external LOC was a more consistent predictor of well-being than Internal LOC. More specifically, perceived constraints a form of external LOC were the strongest LOC predictor over all other types.

Locus of Control

Citation : Rotter, J. Generalized expectancies for internal versus external control of reinforcement. Psychological monographs: General and applied, 80 1 , 1. Main positive psychological well-being construct measured : Mastery. Description : The Internal-External I-E Locus of Control scale measures generalized expectancies for internal versus external control of reinforcement.

Locus of control refers to the extent to which people feel that they have control over the events that influence their lives. When you are dealing with a challenge in your life, do you feel that you have control over the outcome? If you believe that you have control over what happens, then you have what psychologists refer to as an internal locus of control.

Locus of control

Joseph A. Experienced locus of control of reinforcement—internal versus external—is theoretically argued to pattern the unique relationship the elderly have to their changing world.


This study aimed to determine the effect of locus of control, both internally and externally on social loafing in group task completion. Method: This study uses a quantitative approach. Sampling using non-probability sampling with accidental sampling technique in the population of students majoring in education prospective teachers , with a total number of participants as many as students 45 tryout scale, hypothesis testing. The measurement of each variable modifies the scale construct of previous research, which refers to Levenson for locus of control and Latane for social loafing. Then analyzed using a linear regression test. Findings: Internal locus of control in this study proved to be able to reduce social loafing sig.

The Internal-External Locus of Control Scale Rotter , which is a item forced-choice test including six filler items intended to make the purpose of the test somewhat more ambiguous, is the most widely used and cited measurement of Locus of Control LOC. LOC is a personality concept originally proposed by Rotter , defined as a generalized enduring expectancy or belief about how responsive and controllable the environment is. According to this concept, people can be categorized into two types: internal control and external control. People with an internal locus of control believe that the environment is responsive to their own relatively permanent characteristics and that rewards are contingent on personal actions, whereas for those with an external locus of control the environment and external rewards are seen as uncontrollable. In accordance with social learning theory, Rotter notes that an expectancy for a behavior-reinforcement sequence is

Health locus of control defined as individual beliefs based on past experiences in health issues and having external or internal control over them, could affect health. Health locus of control plays a role in health behaviors. We aimed to investigate the relationship between health locus of control and health behavior in emergency medical personnel in Ahvaz during This is a cross-sectional descriptive study, which began in August for a period of six months on emergency medical personnel in Ahvaz who were selected randomly. The level of significance for all statistical tests was set at 0. Health behaviors were very good in terms of personal health Furthermore,

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