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Network Design And Implementation Pdf Mit

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UIA is a distributed name system and ad-hoc routing infrastructure which provides zero-configuration connectivity among users' mobile devices without the use of centralized servers. Each user has a local namespace which is shared among all her devices and is always available on every device. Users can assign personal names to each of their devices, and can also name other users and access their friends' namespaces. UIA devices automatically maintain connectivity with other named devices, both in ad-hoc networks and in the global Internet when available.

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I received my Ph. My research interests span a range of areas in Programming Languages and Software Engineering, with focus on theories, algorithms and tools of Programming Systems, including program logics, decision procedures, automated deduction, program verification, and program synthesis. I look for smart, motivated, hard-working Ph. Please apply to Purdue's strong Computer Engineering Programs. If you are interested in working with me, I will be more than happy to talk with you! If you need to contact me, the easiest way to do that is by email to "xkqiu" at the domain "purdue.

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Both technologies became the technical foundation of the Internet. Building on the ideas of J. Roberts made the key decisions about the network design. The first computers were connected in and the Network Control Program was implemented in In the early s, the NSF funded the establishment of national supercomputing centers at several universities, and provided network access and network interconnectivity with the NSFNET project in The ARPANET was formally decommissioned in , after partnerships with the telecommunication and computer industry had assured private sector expansion and future commercialization of an expanded world-wide network, known as the Internet. Historically, voice and data communications were based on methods of circuit switching , as exemplified in the traditional telephone network, wherein each telephone call is allocated a dedicated, end to end, electronic connection between the two communicating stations.

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I am a postdoctoral associate at MIT working with Prof. Mohammad Alizadeh. Mostafa Ammar and Prof. Ellen Zegura. I received my bachelors degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Alexandria University in Theory, design, and implementation of scalable computer networks and computer systems, including resource scheduling, congestion control, wireless networks, and cyber-physical systems.

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Projects People Software. Publication search:. Subjects: Peer-to-peer Computing. Distributed Shared Memory and Parallel Computing. Eyo: Device-Transparent Personal Storage.

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