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Work Life Balance And Employee Retention Pdf

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Preeti Garg, Dr Neha Yajurvedi. Work life balance is an important concept.

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Work Life Balance Retention (WLBR) Model – A Weapon to Retain Hi-Tech Employees

Toggle navigation. The Indian IT industry characterized by long working hours, rigorous works, heavy work pressures and pressing deadlines always brings challenges for its employees. The employees are not willing to work in such organization where the prevailing culture is not supportive and many even quit the job; retention happens to be critical then. Off late it is the realization of most of the companies that if the work life conflicts of employees can be taken care of in an appropriate way then it can help in the retention of the talent. Companies interested in increasing organizational outcomes should enhance an organizational culture positive towards employees' balance, communicating their support towards work life balance initiatives. The present study analyses the impact of work life balance practices on employee retention and the mediating effect of a supporting culture based on empirical evidence drawn from Indian IT sector. The findings show that a work life balance supportive culture mediates the effect of the availability of work life balance practices on organizational performance.

Employee retention, job satisfaction, millennial, reward and recognition, structural equation model, partial least square, work life balance. In the current condition, Millennials have the biggest portion in the workforce composition. In the next ten or fifteen years, they will be in the top management level, replacing the current management. By retaining them in the organisation, such training and recruitment cost could be minimized and bring less efforts to the organisation in recruiting new talents. This research is aimed to examine the impact of reward and recognition, work life balance on employee retention using the job satisfaction as mediating variable. This research is expected to be able to give insights to organisations to develop programs or policies to retain their current demography of the workforce, which consist of Millennials. The samples were collected by non-probability sampling method.

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Work-life balance, job satisfaction and turnover intention amongst information technology employees

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The retention of employees is among the challenges bedeviling many organizations across the globe in this present 21st century. Management of organizations is faced with the task of retaining competent employees in order to avert high rate of employee turnover. Retention of employees is equally of utmost importance to an organization as it minimizes the cost an organization would spend on recruitment, selection and replacement activities. It is necessary to ascertain the factors that instill employees to stay in their organization. Factors such as job satisfaction, managerial support, organizational cultural behavior, compensation policies, management style of leadership and work environment have been hypothesized to have great influence on employee retention. However, work-life balance is a vital factor that influences the retention of employees.

Impact of Work-Life Balance Practices on Employees Retention and Organizational Performance – A Study on IT Industry. July Conference.

Work-life balance, job satisfaction and turnover intention amongst information technology employees

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Work Life Balance Retention (WLBR) Model – A Weapon to Retain Hi-Tech Employees

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