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He is one of the most prominent advocates of legal positivism and is well known for his conception of perfectionist liberalism. Raz spent most of his career as a professor of philosophy of law at the University of Oxford associated with Balliol College , and is now a part-time professor of law at Columbia University Law School and a part-time professor at King's College London.

The authority of law: Essays on law and morality

He is one of the most prominent advocates of legal positivism and is well known for his conception of perfectionist liberalism. Raz spent most of his career as a professor of philosophy of law at the University of Oxford associated with Balliol College , and is now a part-time professor of law at Columbia University Law School and a part-time professor at King's College London. Raz had met Hart earlier at a conference in Israel, impressing him by pointing out a flaw in his reasoning that had previously eluded him; Hart encouraged him to go to Oxford for further study.

Raz studied at Balliol College and completed his DPhil in In , he was tenured and promoted to Senior Lecturer. Raz, now retired from Oxford, is currently also a research professor of law at King's College London. A pupil of H. Hart , Raz has been important in continuing the development of legal positivism both before and since Hart's death.

Raz was also co-editor of a second edition of Hart's The Concept of Law with a postscript including Hart's responses to other philosophers' criticisms of his work. Raz's first book, The Concept of a Legal System , was based on his doctoral thesis. A later book, The Morality of Freedom won two prizes: the W. The book develops a conception of perfectionist liberalism. Raz has argued for a distinctive understanding of legal commands as exclusionary reasons for action and for the "service conception" of authority, according to which those subject to an authority "can benefit by its decisions only if they can establish their existence and content in ways which do not depend on raising the very same issues which the authority is there to settle.

Raz is acknowledged by his contemporaries as being one of the most important living legal philosophers. His most recent work deals less with legal theory and more with political philosophy and practical reasoning. In moral theory, Raz defends value pluralism and the idea that various values are incommensurable. Canada Chief Electoral Officer. Several of Raz's students have become important legal and moral philosophers, including two current Professors in Jurisprudence at Oxford, Leslie Green and Timothy Endicott , and the former professor of Jurisprudence John Gardner.

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Archived from the original on 7 April Retrieved 5 April Tang Prize laureates. James P. Critical legal studies Comparative law Economic analysis Legal norms International legal theory Legal history Philosophy of law Sociology of law. Analytical jurisprudence Deontological ethics Fundamental theory of Catholic canon law Interpretivism Legalism Legal moralism Legal positivism Legal realism Libertarian theories of law Natural law Paternalism Utilitarianism Virtue jurisprudence.

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Western philosophy. Legal positivism Perfectionist liberalism. Legal and political philosophy. Perfectionist liberalism. Influences H. Part of the Politics series on. Central concepts Civil society Political particularism Positive rights Social capital Value pluralism. Related topics Christian democracy Radical centrism Republicanism Social democracy. Politics portal. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Joseph Raz.

Joseph Raz

Inclusive and exclusive positivists disagree on whether criteria of validity can incorporate moral norms. Exclusive positivists, following Joseph Raz, reject the Incorporation Thesis on the ground that subjects of a putative legal system incorporating moral criteria of validity could not identify the law without evaluating the very reasons the law is supposed to replace. Since law cannot be authoritative unless it is identifiable without recourse to those dependent reasons, the Incorporation Thesis is inconsistent with the nature of authority. Most defences of the Incorporation Thesis attempt to refute Raz's theory of authority. In contrast, Jules Coleman argues that inclusive positivism is compatible with Raz's theory. In this essay, I examine Coleman's defence of the Compatibility Thesis.

THE AUTHORITY OF LAW. Essays on Law and Morality. BY JOSEPH RAZ. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP.

The Problem of Law's Authority: John Finnis and Joseph Raz on Legal Obligation

Londrina, PR, Brasil. Many prominent legal philosophers believe that law makes some type of moral claim in virtue of its nature. Although the law is not an intelligent agent, the attribution of a claim to law does not need to be as mysterious as some theorists believe. It means that law-making and law- applying acts are intelligible only in the light of a certain presupposition, even if a lawmaker or a law-applier subjectively disbelieves the content of that presupposition. In this paper, I aim to clarify what type of moral claim would be suitable for law if law were to make a claim to be morally justified.

Joseph Raz

Authority, Law, and Morality

This revised edition of one of the classic works of modern legal philosophy, first published in , represents the author's contribution which has had an enduring influence on philosophical work on the nature of law and its relation to morality. The new edition includes two previously uncollected essays and a new introduction from the author. Keywords: legal philosophy , philosophical work , law , morality. Forgot password? Don't have an account? All Rights Reserved.

This classic collection of essays, first published in , has had an enduring influence on philosophical work on the nature of law and its relation to morality. Raz begins by presenting an analysis of the concept of authority and what is involved in law's claim to moral authority. He then develops a detailed explanation of the nature of law and legal systems, presenting a seminal argument for legal positivism. Within this framework Raz then examines the areas of legal thought that have been viewed as impregnated with moral values — namely the social functions of law, the ideal of the rule of law, and the adjudicative role of the courts. The final part of the book is given to understanding the proper moral attitude of a citizen towards the law. Raz examines whether the citizen is under a moral obligation to obey the law and whether there is a right to dissent. Two appendices, added for the revised edition, develop Raz's views on the nature of law, offering a further dialogue with the work of Hans Kelsen, and a reply to Robert Alexy's criticisms of legal positivism.

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Don't have an account? Three theses with clear implications concerning the relation between law and morality have been defended in recent years: the sources thesis, the incorporation thesis, and the coherence thesis. This chapter defends the sources thesis against some common misunderstandings, and provides a reason for preferring it to the other two.

The notion of authority is one of the most controversial concepts found in legal and political philosophy. It has been included in the discussion of legitimate forms of social organization and legitimate forms of political action. This chapter introduces the philosophical analysis of the c

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