using game theory and strategic reasoning concepts to prevent and detect fraud pdf

Using Game Theory And Strategic Reasoning Concepts To Prevent And Detect Fraud Pdf

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It is generally accepted that the American public expects auditors to find fraud. While detecting both fraud and errors are official SAS 99 expectations, auditors spend the overwhelming majority of their time on finding only errors. SAS 99 instructs the audit planning committee to brainstorm how fraud could be perpetrated by the audit client, but the standard provides no official guidelines for how it should be done.

Saei, M. Accounting and Auditing Review , 25 4 , Accounting and Auditing Review , 25, 4, ,

This paper aims to identify the most frequent fraud risk factors that affect the nature, timing, and extent of planned audit procedures. The perceptions of both international and local external auditors in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, were investigated. In general, it was found that the respondents were more interested in assessing fraud risk factors related to misappropriation of assets Stepwise regression analysis indicates a positive and significant effect of each fraud risk factor related to fraudulent financial reporting that resulted from incentives or pressures and attitudes or rationalization, and the fraud risk factors related to the misappropriation of assets that resulted from attitudes or rationalization on the nature, timing, and extent of the planned audit procedures.

Fraud risk assessments and auditors’ professional skepticism

Jeffrey Wilks, Mark F. Accounting Horizons 1 September ; 18 3 : — This commentary examines academic research that can assist auditors in detecting and preventing fraudulent financial reporting. We review theoretical and empirical research from game theory, social psychology, judgment and decision making, and auditing to identify improvements in audit practice and promising areas for future research. This review focuses on the strategic fraud setting and suggests modifications in auditing standards that should facilitate auditors' use of strategic reasoning in this setting. We emphasize three critical audit tasks—fraud risk assessment, audit planning, and audit plan implementation—and recommend changes to current auditing standards and identify potential research questions for each task.

A dynamic model based on game-theory is proposed to address the problem of fraud detection in auditing under non-linear payoff functions. Non-linearity is introduced by incorporating learning and sympathy effects in the audit process. The validity of the proposed scheme is tested on empirical data and modeling results comply with the International Standard of Auditing that requires the key audit partner to be rotated after a predefined period. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

The purpose of this study is to investigate factors influencing risk assessment of material misstatement in Vietnamese enterprises listed on stock market. Expert interview method was conducted to discover the scales for three variables including information system, trademark, and risk assessment of material misstatement. Survey method was used to examine the impacts of eight factors on risk assessment of material misstatement. Data is collected from auditors who have excellent experience in auditing financial statements of companies listed on stock market. Then, data is processed by descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, factor extracted analysis, correlative regression analysis, and analysis variance of residual change.

Improving Fraud Detection by Auditors via Integration of Cybersecurity Principles

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Using Game Theory and Strategic Reasoning Concepts to Prevent and Detect Fraud research that can assist auditors in detecting and preventing fraudulent financial reporting. This content is only available as a PDF.

Fraud Risk Factors that Affect the Audit Program Plan: The Case of Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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    Using Game Theory and Strategic Reasoning Concepts to Prevent and Detect Fraud detecting and preventing fraudulent financial reporting.

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    Overall, auditors predisposed to low fraud risk assessments were less skeptical than those with no knowledge of fraud risk control group.

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