front engine front wheel drive advantages and disadvantages pdf

Front Engine Front Wheel Drive Advantages And Disadvantages Pdf

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In automotive design , an FR , or front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout is one where the engine is located at the front of the vehicle and driven wheels are located at the rear. This was the traditional automobile layout for most of the 20th century. It is also used in high-floor buses and school buses.

Most people in India do not base their car purchase on the which wheels drive the vehicle.

Front-Wheel Drive vs. Rear-Wheel Drive | Pros & Cons

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Leave Us a Review. Read Our Blog. Published May 7, Front-wheel drive versus rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive. Your browser does not support the video tag. Front Wheel Drive versus Rear Wheel Drive Since the Ford Model T and actually before most vehicles manufactured and sold in the United States were rear wheel drive RWD , that is the engine was typically in the front, the transmission right behind it, with a drive shaft running back to rear axle to drive the rear wheels.

Front wheel drive FWD , on the other hand, features the engine under the hood in combination with the transmission sometimes referred to as the transaxle that directly delivers power to the front wheels.

Despite the impression many people have that the wave of front wheel drive started in earnest with the invasion of the Japanese brands, even those models sold in the US until the mids were predominantly rear-wheel drive.

Each system has its unique advantages. Front wheel drive makes for a very compact engine compartment, with minimal intrusion into the interior cabin of the vehicle no large hump for the driveshaft, now just a smaller hump to route exhaust, fuel lines, etc.

Front wheel drive also has certain advantages when the roads get slippery or icy. First, the bulk of the weight is over the front driving wheels which assists with traction. With a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the front tires might be initiating a turn but the rear wheels are still pointed straight ahead.

Excessive application of power at this point could cause a spin. Rear wheel drive is most commonly found on sports cars and performance sedans. A rear wheel drive car of the same weight, power, gearing, and tire size and type will accelerate faster than an FWD car, as the weight of the vehicle is transferred off the front wheels and onto the rear wheels to improve traction.

FWD cars typically lose traction in these situations. All Wheel Drive versus Four Wheel Drive Clearly, the biggest difference between these two systems is that all four wheels are delivering power at one time or another, versus FWD and RWD driving just a single axle each.

In a 4WD set-up, each axle front and rear is connected to the middle of the vehicle to a transfer case. The transfer case is situated typically at the back end of the transmission. There are typically two settings to a transfer case, but there are some variations.

The basic ones are where the front and rear axle can turn independently from one another. This setting is used in dry weather conditions as rounding corners in fully-locked 4WD causes excessive wear in the drive train. Once out of the slippery conditions, the driver would select the unlocked setting on the transfer case and drive on.

Typically the lower-priced versions of that vehicle come equipped with FWD. This allows for full-time or part-time engagement of AWD, depending on the vehicle and driver. Some AWD models now feature a system that allows the driver to disconnect the rear wheels when driving on the highway, reducing drag and improving fuel economy.

More expensive systems may have a feature that engages and disengages AWD automatically based on the road conditions, as mentioned by sensors and calculated by the computer.

That is, should a wheel start to slip, the brake caliper slows its spinning, mimicking the control of a 4WD system. If you live where heavy weather is a concern, you might want to opt for an AWD version of the same or similar vehicle as available.

As for rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive, those are most often selected by enthusiasts. RWD is popular as the driver can power through a turn unlike a FWD car, while a 4WD is best suited to encounter gravel, muddy, or sandy surfaces, or have to climb or descend steep angles, particularly in limited traction situations.

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Rear Wheel Drive vs Front Wheel Drive: Advantages & Disadvantages

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The vehicle is based upon type of drive used. They are front engine rear wheel drive, Rear engine rear wheel drive, , front engine front wheel drive and four wheel drive, which are discussed below , 1. Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive : Rear wheel drive places the engine in the front of the vehicle and the driven wheels are located at the rear, a configuration known as front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. In this layout a front mounted engine-clutch-gear box unit drives a beam type rear axle supported on leaf springs through a propeller shaft with two universal joints. With the help of coil springs, the front Wheels are independently sprung.

Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout

However, some manufacturers placelocate the engine at some location point behind the driver. The goal of this article is to discuss the dynamic differences among front-, mid-, and rear-engine configurations. Have you ever lifted the hood of a modern passenger car, only to find no motor? But if you drive a mid- or rear-engine vehicle, you would be accustomed to having only storage space up front under the hood.

In fact, all but a handful of SUVs are primarily front-wheel drive vehicles, with additional components that send some power to the rear wheels as the need arises. Front-wheel drive designs are cheaper to manufacture and more space-efficient than rear-drive systems. From a packaging standpoint, front-drive also precludes the need for a space-robbing driveline hump running down the middle of the cabin floor. Rear-wheel drive RWD is commonly found on pickups and old-school truck-based SUVs, along with sports cars and high-performance and luxury sedans.

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Vehicle Layout

Simply put, a drivetrain is the series of parts in your car that work together to make your wheels turn.

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