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Neutral indicates that conditions are near their long-term average. Ocean temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean are warmer than average, and rainfall is below average over Indonesia and above average over the central or eastern Pacific. Rising air motion which is linked to storms and rainfall increases over the central or eastern Pacific, and surface pressure there tends to be lower than average.

It is a warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. Yes, the last episode began just two years ago, in They both tend to develop during the spring March-June , reach peak intensity during the late autumn or winter November-February , and then weaken during the spring or early summer March-June. In turn, changes in the atmosphere impact the ocean temperatures and currents. Further research will help separate the natural climate variability from any trends due to human activities.

What are El Niño and La Niña?

This naturally occurring phenomenon involves fluctuating ocean temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific, coupled with changes in the atmosphere. Scientific progress on the understanding and modelling of this phenomenon has improved prediction skills to within a range of one to nine months in advance, giving society the opportunity to prepare for associated hazards such as heavy rains, floods and drought. The outlook for the second half of the year is currently uncertain. In summary:. More detailed interpretations of the implications for regional climate variability will be carried out routinely by the climate forecasting community over the coming months and will be made available through the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. The anomalies in the eastern-central Pacific have somewhat plateaued near

What is El Niño and why is it important?

Developing countries that depend on their own agriculture and fishing, particularly those bordering the Pacific Ocean, are usually most affected. In this phase of the Oscillation, the pool of warm water in the Pacific near South America is often at its warmest about Christmas. Major ENSO events were recorded in the years —93, , —78, , —26, —73, —83, —98, and — Typically, this anomaly happens at irregular intervals of two to seven years, and lasts nine months to two years. ENSO conditions have occurred at two- to seven-year intervals for at least the past years, but most of them have been weak. It is recorded that as early as , cartographer Joseph Lartigue, of the French frigate La Clorinde under Baron Mackau , noted the "counter-current" and its usefulness for traveling southward along the Peruvian coast. Charles Todd , in , suggested droughts in India and Australia tended to occur at the same time; [40] Norman Lockyer noted the same in

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Why are they so destructive? And why do they matter to humanitarian work? We break it down in this explainer.

In the Pacific Ocean near the equator, temperatures in the surface ocean are normally very warm in the western Pacific and cool in the eastern Pacific [2]. This helps to generate heavy rains over southeastern Asia and northern Australia and keeps parts of Pacific coastal South America relatively dry [2]. Trade winds [5] blowing from east to west weaken, and the warm surface waters that typically stay in the western Pacific are able to move east along the equator. Rainstorms follow the warm water to the central and eastern Pacific, dry conditions affect northern Australia and southeast Asia, and wetter conditions impact Pacific coastal South America [6].

The Ocean and Weather: El Niño and La Niña

ENSO and Global Seasonal Climate Updates

Ask students to brainstorm what negative effects they think would be likely to accompany the rise in temperature, including any global natural disasters. Prompt students to think about the impact on weather and marine life, and to include such events as droughts, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, typhoons, and wildfires. Divide the class into small groups and distribute blank outline maps of the world.

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It has extensive effects on the weather across the globe, particularly in North America , even affecting the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons, in which more tropical cyclones occur in the Atlantic basin due to low wind shear and warmer sea surface temperatures , while reducing tropical cyclogenesis in the Pacific Ocean. It also caused heavy rains over Malaysia , the Philippines , and Indonesia. There is less risk of frost, but increased risk of widespread flooding, tropical cyclones, and the monsoon season starts earlier. Meanwhile, precipitation in the southwestern and southeastern states, as well as Southern California, is below average. The synoptic condition for Tehuantepecer winds is associated with high-pressure system forming in Sierra Madre of Mexico in the wake of an advancing cold front, which causes winds to accelerate through the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Tehuantepecers primarily occur during the cold season months for the region in the wake of cold fronts, between October and February, with a summer maximum in July caused by the westward extension of the Azores—Bermuda high pressure system. Such flooding is documented from , , , , , , , , , , and

In addition, the atmospheric effects due to changes in sea-surface temperatures are responsible for only part of the regional climate observed; chaotic fluctuations​.

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We know that there are many anthropogenic forcings on the climate, particularly the volume of carbon and greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere as a part of our everyday lives. Yet there are a number of natural processes that affect local weather, regional climate and global conditions. Some effects on our climate are a result of fluctuations and anomalies in the complex water conveyor belts of the ocean currents of the world. The latter is the opposite of the former and make up an oscillation known as ENSO. Understanding them requires knowledge of a broad range of data from multiple disciplines. Typically, researchers who understand the processes and study their causes and effects have post-graduate degrees in such disciplines as oceanography, geography, climatology and meteorology. The phenomena and the data extrapolated from them, have applications for palaeoclimatology the study of climate in the past , anthropology, palaeobotany and archaeology, particularly in what we can extrapolate from the changes to tree ring data dendrochronology 3.

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    The naturally occurring El Niño and La Niña phenomenon rep- resents a “dance” between the atmosphere and ocean in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Sometimes​.

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