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Difference Between Fat And Ntfs Pdf

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It is mainly used in modern digital cameras and in ball games. Fat32 is a universal file system, meaning it is accepted by any operating system. Before knowing the difference between ntfs, fat32 and exfat file formats first you should know what is a file system.

Windows NT 4. The FAT file system is characterized by the file allocation table FAT , which is really a table that resides at the very "top" of the volume. To protect the volume, two copies of the FAT are kept in case one becomes damaged.

Difference between fat ntfs file system pdf

Additionally, NTFS supports large file and volume size and provide efficient data organization. Now, what is a file system? It is a technique of organizing and storing the data on the drive, it also specifies what type of attributes can be attached to a file such as filenames, permission, other attributes. Support file compression. It was essentially devised for the floppy drive having a size less than K. It is commonly used in removable drives and storage devices.

The major demerit of using FAT32 is that it does not provide any security. The FAT16 previous version of FAT file system suffers from the internal fragmentation and lacks the access protection for the file. The FAT32 file system uses a linked allocation which stores the control data separately from the file system. A File allocation table of a disk contains an element for every disk block in the disk in an array.

The disk block assigned to a file, the associated FAT component holds the address of the next disk block. Therefore, the disk block and its FAT element collaboratively form a unit that contains the same information as the disk block in the form of linked allocation.

The directory entry of a file holds the address of its first disk block and the FAT element corresponding to this disk block contain the address of second disk block and so on. The last disk block FAT element includes the special code to signify the end of the file. It includes characteristics such as data recovery, multi-streaming, fault tolerance, security, extended file size and file systems, UNICODE names. NTFS maintains a journal which keeps track of the operations performed in the drive and can quickly recover the errors, shadow copies for backup, encryption, disk quota limits and hard links.

It prevents unauthorised access to file contents by enforcing an encryption system named as Encryption File System which uses public key security. The NTFS file system does not rely on the sector sizes on the different disks. It uses a concept of the clusters and cluster is a group of contiguous sectors for the disk space allocation. The cluster could contain 2 n number of sectors. A logical partition on the disk is known as volume and it utilizes a bitmap file to signify the allocated and vacant clusters in the volume.

There is also file named as bad cluster file to keep the record of unusable clusters. A volume set provides a way to exceed the capacity of the partitions which is up to 32 volumes. Master file table resembles a FAT table and includes all the details about the files and folders on the volume.

The existence of the boot sector makes every volume bootable. Even though, the FAT32 is still in use because of its compatibility. Your email address will not be published. It is quite easy to convert a FAT file system into another without losing data. In contrast, NTFS conversion is difficult to achieve. The files are accessed faster in the case of NTFS. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

FAT32 vs. NTFS: Which Is Better?

Here in this blog we will give the major difference between FAT and NTFS and help you to understand the structural design of both the file system. What does it stand for? We all use Computers in our day to day life and use to preserve our important files and data on hard drives present their in our Systems. Here in this blog we will give the major Difference between FAT and NTFS and help you to understand the structural design of both the file system, with the help of which you get the clear idea about the data storage methods they follow. We can see from the above table that VHDX is the advanced version of VHD which is launched by Window server , with improvised features and facilities. You must be thinking about how does it happen?


The precise manner in which data is organised on a hard disk drive is determined by the file system used. File systems are generally operating system dependent. Each cluster contains a pointer to the next cluster in the file, or an end-of-file indicator at 0xFFFF , which indicates that this cluster is the end of the file.

Storage hardware cannot be used without a file system, but not all file systems are universally supported by all operating systems. All operating systems support FAT32 because it is a simple file system and has been around for a really long time. NTFS is more robust and effective than FAT since it makes use of advanced data structures to improve reliability, disk space utilization and overall performance. If you're looking to decide which file system to use when formatting a disk or USB drive, consider portability. For example, if you'd like to use the USB on older computers, or non-PC systems like digital picture frames, TV sets, printers or projectors, choose FAT32 because it is universally supported.

File System is the most popular and widely used technique to store data on different types of devices such as a hard drive, memory card, USB, etc. The devices write and store the data in their systems so that the data can be modified, accessed, deleted, or distributed at the time of need. The data can also be upgraded or degraded while formatting the system.

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