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The interviewer has already asked you what you know about their company.

Network administrators carry the responsibility of configuring, maintaining and upgrading servers and networks for one or more companies. There are common questions interviewers can ask to find out about your experience as well as how much you understand about the network administration industry. Knowing these possible questions can help you prepare your answers for the interview.

System Administrator interview questions

Are you a trained Network Administrator , and searching for a high paid job? If yes, then go through the wisdomjobs page to get detailed information about where to search and how to apply for a Network Administrator job.

We give you details of the job opportunities in different organizations, which use multiple platforms and need a Network Administrator to work on their different computers and software. As a Network Administrator, you have to regularly maintain the network infrastructure and the computer hardware of the organization so that the network runs smoothly. At wisdomjobs we guide you with information related to the skills, training, jobs as well as salary related to a Network Administrator job.

Apply for jobs and also read our Network Administrator job interview questions and answers to grab your dream job easily. Question 1. Answer : At first glance it may be difficult to judge the difference between a hub and a switch since both look roughly the same. They both have a large number of potential connections and are used for the same basic purpose- to create a network. However the biggest difference is not on the outside, but on the inside in the way that they handle connections.

In the case of a hub, it broadcasts all data to every port. This can make for serious security and reliability concerns, as well as cause a number of collisions to occur on the network. Old style hubs and present-day wireless access points use this technique. Switches on the other hand create connections dynamically, so that usually only the requesting port can receive the information destined for it.

An exception to this rule is that if the switch has its maintenance port turned on for an NIDS implementation, it may copy all data going across the switch to a particular port in order to scan it for problems.

The easiest way to make sense of it all is by thinking about it in the case of old style phone connections. A switch on the other hand is like a phone operator- creating connections between ports on an as-needed basis.

Question 2. While HTTP can use a number of different carrier protocols to go from system to system, the primary protocol and port used is TCP port Question 3.

Designed to be able to be used for identity verification, HTTPS uses SSL certificates to be able to verify that the server you are connecting to is the one that it says it is. While there is some encryption capability of HTTPS, it is usually deemed not enough and further encryption methods are desired whenever possible.

Question 4. FTP is primarily designed for large file transfers, with the capability of resuming downloads if they are interrupted. Both of these are basically the same, except Anonymous access does not require an active user login while a Standard Login does.

Question 5. SSH is designed to create a secure tunnel between devices, whether that be systems, switches, thermostats, toasters, etc. SSH also has a unique ability to tunnel other programs through it, similar in concept to a VPN so even insecure programs or programs running across unsecure connections can be used in a secure state if configured correctly. Answer : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is the default way for connecting up to a network.

The implementation varies across Operating Systems, but the simple explanation is that there is a server on the network that hands out IP addresses when requested. Upon connecting to a network, a DHCP request will be sent out from a new member system.

The DHCP server will respond and issue an address lease for a varying amount of time. If the system connects to another network, it will be issued a new address by that server but if it re-connects to the original network before the lease is up- it will be re-issued that same address that it had before.

To illustrate this point, say you have your phone set to wifi at your home. It will pick up a DHCP address from your router, before you head to work and connect to your corporate network. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and is one of the big big mindbogglingly massively used protocols in use today. The big benefit to TCP is that it has to establish the connection on both ends before any data begins to flow. An easy way to picture the differences between these two protocols is like this: TCP is like a CB radio, the person transmitting is always waiting for confirmation from the person on the other end that they received the message.

UDP on the other hand is like a standard television broadcast signal. Most users will recognize the name through the use of tools such as ping and traceroute, as this is the protocol that these services run over among other things. Its primary purpose is to tell systems when they are trying to connect remotely if the other end is available.

Question What Are Ip Classes? Answer : For the IP address that most people are familiar with IPv4 , there are 4 sets octets of numbers, each with values of up to You likely have run into this when troubleshooting a router or a DHCP server, when they are giving out addresses in a particular range- usually IP classes are primarily differentiated by the number of potential hosts they can support on a single network.

The more networks supported on a given IP class, the fewer addresses are available for each network. Class A networks run up to These networks are usually reserved for the very largest of customers, or some of the original members of the Internet and xkcd has an excellent map albeit a bit dated located here showing who officially owns what. Class B Class C addresses are primarily reserved for in-house networks which is as we mentioned above why so many different manufacturers use Class D and E are reserved for special uses and normally are not required knowledge.

IP address change all the time however, although less so for mega-level servers. Human friendly names allow users to remember a something much easier and less likely to change frequently, and DNS makes it possible to map to those new addresses under the hood. DNS servers do exactly the same thing but with updates on a daily or hourly basis. You know the address for it, so you punch it in and wait.

Your computer will first talk to your local DNS server likely your home router to see if it knows where it is. The responding DNS server will send the appropriate address back down the pipe, caching it in each location as it does so to make any repeat requests much faster. IPX or Internetwork Packet Exchange was an extremely lightweight protocol, which as a result for the limits of computers of the age was a very good thing. As a result, it fell by the wayside and is now not a required protocol for most elements.

Bonjour is one of the programs that come bundled with nearly every piece of Apple software most notably iTunes that handles a lot of its automatic discovery techniques. Many admins will deliberately disable this service in a corporate environment due to potential security issues, however in a home environment it can be left up to the user to decide if the risk is worth the convenience.

What Is Appletalk? It reached its peak in the late 80s and early 90s, but there are still some devices that utilize this protocol. Most of its core technology has been moved over to Bonjour, while UPnP Universal Plug and Play has picked up on its ideology and moved the concept forward across many different hardware and software packages.

What Is A Firewall? Answer : A Firewall put simply keeps stuff from here talking to stuff over there. Firewalls exist in many different possible configurations with both hardware and software options as well as network and host varieties. Over the years it has improved a great deal and while there are still many options that go above and beyond what it does, what Windows Firewall accomplishes it does very well.

Enhanced server-grade versions have been released as well, and have a great deal of customization available to the admin. What Is A Proxy Server? Answer : Similar to how a DNS server caches the addresses of accessed websites, a proxy server caches the contents of those websites and handles the heavy lifting of access and retrieval for users. Proxy servers can also maintain a list of blacklisted and whitelisted websites so as to prevent users from getting easily preventable infections.

Depending on the intentions of the company, Proxy servers can also be used for monitoring web activity by users to make sure that sensitive information is not leaving the building. What Are Services? Answer : Services are programs that run in the background based on a particular system status such as startup. Services also have the ability to set up actions to be done if the program stops or is closed down. In this way, they can be configured to remain running at all times. What Is A Subnet Mask?

Answer : A subnet mask tells the network how big it is. When an address is inside the mask, it will be handled internally as a part of the local network.

When it is outside, it will be handled differently as it is not part of the local network. The proper use and calculation of a subnet mask can be a great benefit when designing a network as well as for gauging future growth.

What Are Answer : If the ping is successful, then the hardware is good. Answer : A workgroup is a collection of systems each with their own rules and local user logins tied to that particular system. A Domain is a collection of systems with a centralized authentication server that tells them what the rules are. While workgroups work effectively in small numbers, once you pass a relatively low threshold usually anything more than say 5 systems , it becomes increasingly difficult to manage permissions and sharing effectively.

To put this another way, a workgroup is very similar to a P2P network- each member is its own island and chooses what it decides to share with the rest of the network. Answer : Tracert or traceroute depending on the operating system allows you to see exactly what routers you touch as you move along the chain of connections to your final destination.

What Is Two-factor Authentication? Answer : The three basic ways to authenticate someone are: something they know password , something they have token , and something they are biometrics.

Two-factor authentication is a combination of two of these methods, oftentimes using a password and token setup, although in some cases this can be a PIN and thumbprint. Both systems have two basic variants- signature based and anomaly based. This requires a bit more time to get a good baseline, but in the long term can be better on the uptake for custom attacks. Answer : However there are two main differences between the Windows Home edition and Windows Professional: Joining a domain and built-in encryption.

Both features are active in Professional only, as joining a domain is nearly a mandatory requirement for businesses. While there are workarounds for both of these items, they do present a nice quality-of-life boost as well as allow easier standardization across multiple systems.

Network Administrator Interview Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked Networking Interview Questions and Answers that will help you to prepare for the Networking basics interview questions that an interviewer might ask you during your interview. In this list of Networking interview questions, we have covered all commonly asked basic and advanced interview questions on networking with detailed answers to help you clear the job interview. This detailed guide of Network Engineer interview questions will help you to crack your Job interview easily. A link refers to the connectivity between two devices. It includes the type of cables and protocols used for one device to be able to communicate with the other.

Are you a trained Network Administrator , and searching for a high paid job? If yes, then go through the wisdomjobs page to get detailed information about where to search and how to apply for a Network Administrator job. We give you details of the job opportunities in different organizations, which use multiple platforms and need a Network Administrator to work on their different computers and software. As a Network Administrator, you have to regularly maintain the network infrastructure and the computer hardware of the organization so that the network runs smoothly. At wisdomjobs we guide you with information related to the skills, training, jobs as well as salary related to a Network Administrator job. Apply for jobs and also read our Network Administrator job interview questions and answers to grab your dream job easily.

An important part of research before the interview is what the company does and how the job role relates to that. This includes the company philosophy and working methods. Questions such as this seek to find out how a candidate will fit into the organisation As Data Network Administrator. Answer positively; including practical examples of how you anticipate you would perform in the new role. Is This Answer Correct? You could discuss your goals with regards to these categories: Career goals, impact you want to leave on society, financial goals, academic goals, charitable goals. A great way to do so is by using the S-T-A-R method: Set up the situation and the task that you were required to complete to provide the interviewer with background context e.

Network Administrator Interview Questions & Answers

This sample of System Administrator interview questions includes examples of technical and situational questions to help you identify the best candidates for your company. System Administrators may also be called SysAdmins. SysAdmins are usually the first point of contact, so candidates need to combine excellent troubleshooting skills with an ability to explain technical details to a non-technical audience. During your interviews, test candidates for their knowledge of IT system best practices. For this role, future SysAdmins will deal with various issues e.

Need to practice your Network Administration skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these Network Administration interview questions that test knowledge of network security, application layers, MX records, and other skills. These Network Administration interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen job candidates such as system administrators, network administrators, network engineers, and others that require knowledge of network infrastructure, networking protocols, and the Internet.

What is the purpose of having AD? Answer: Active directory is a directory service that identifies all resources on a network and makes that information available to users and services. The Main purpose of AD is to control and authenticate network resources. Explain about sysvol folder? Answer: The sysvol folder stores the server's copy of the domain's public files.

Top 20 Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

All questions are in the same order as the video tutorial to help you follow along.

Top 135 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

In this advanced technology world, there are none who have never used the Internet. Earlier, for appearing in an interview, people used to go through all the concerned books and materials available page by page carefully. But the Internet has made it all so easy. There are several sets of interview questions and answers available easily nowadays. In this article, I have listed the most important and frequently asked basic networking interview questions and answers with pictorial representation for your easy understanding and remembrance. This will strive towards success steps in your career.

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+ Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is A hub would be a 'party line' where everybody is talking all at the same time. allowing users to either not reveal their true access point to websites they are Manual Tutorial · Forex Management Tutorial · Global Money Markets Tutorial.

Network Administrator Related Tutorials

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Top 60 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

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