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Ellipsometry And Polarized Light Pdf

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Spectroscopic ellipsometry SE is a powerful technique for the characterization of materials, which is able to probe in a sensitive way their nanostructure as well as to get rich information about their dielectric properties, through the interaction of polarized light with matter.

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Basics of Ellipsometry

This paper describes the use of ellipsometry as a precise and accurate technique for characterizing substrates and overlayers. A brief historical development of ellipsometry and the basic principles necessary to understand how an ellipsometer works are presented. There are many examples of studies performed in addressing materials science issues, and several are presented here: measurements of thickness, optical properties, and modeling of surface roughness. Keywords: ellipsometry; polarization; films. The fact that changes are measured rather than the absolute intensity of light renders ellipsometry sensitive to submonolayer surface coverage. As a non-invasive and non-destructive tool, ellipsometry requires only a low-power light source and, consequently, it does not affect most processes, which renders ellipsometry a convenient tool for in situ studies 1,2. Drude 3 was the first to build an ellipsometer even before Rothen has coined the word 'ellipsometry' in 4.

Basics of Ellipsometry

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The term ellipsometry means analysis of the change in the polarization state of a light beam when it is reflected from a surface. In ellipsometry, one measures the change in polarization state of a linearly polarized beam of light after nonnormal reflection from the sample to be studied. This is the case for optically isotropic samples, for instance, amorphous materials or crystalline materials with a cubic crystal structure. To take into account the partially polarized light, it is necessary to use the more general technique called Mueller ellips-ometry or polarimetry. There are three forms of polarized light: linear, circular, and elliptical.

Plasma Physics Laboratory. Princeton University. Princeton. Ellipsometry and Polarized. Light. R. M. A. Azzam, N. M. Bashara. pp. North-Holland, New York.

Basics of Ellipsometry

Taher M. El-Agez, Sofyan A. Box , Gaza, Palestine.

ISBN This is known as polarized light. Azzam and N. Bashara, Ellipsometry and Polarized Light, North-. In many other optical techniques polarization is crucial or at least must be taken into account and controlled; such examples are too numerous to mention.

ellipsometry and polarized light

Ellipsometry is an optical technique for investigating the dielectric properties complex refractive index or dielectric function of thin films.


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Ellipsometry and polarised light
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