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The Role of Inter-School Collaboration in Promoting Inter-Group Relations

Participation and Organization pp Cite as. Conflict, hostility, strife and prejudice may all be consequences of an intergroup relationship. Are the negative outcomes inevitable or can such consequences be controlled? In this chapter an attempt will be made to answer such questions. The starting point of the chapter is to examine the fundamental, psychological basis of intergroup behaviour which is the process of categorization. People differentiate between each other in terms of their group membership and this leads to further discrimination.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Conflicts over natural resources such as land, water, and forests are inevitable, ubiquitous, and will exist for the foreseeable future [1] [2] [3] [4]. However, there is still confusion about whether or not conflicts are desirable in natural resources management [5]. On the one hand, conflicts over natural resources are considered as negative phenomena because of their complexity and the unpredictability of their impact on these resources, and on both the interests and the well-being of the people involved [5] [6]. Indeed, conflicts over resources can sometimes become harsh and result in violence, resource degradation, the undermining of livelihoods, and uprooting of communities [2].

The well structured, well defined role and status hierarchy, able leadership, well developed norms and strong cohesiveness a group has, the greater is the groupthink. As a result, groups may cooperate or compete with other groups, and intergroup competition can lead to conflict. That is, in addition to conveying status to those outside the group, membership can also give increased feelings of worth to the group members themselves. There is power in numbers. The group task is a whole and meaningful piece of work, with a visible outcome 2.

Intergroup Behaviour & Collaboration

This article focuses on a specific type of military—civilian relations which occurs within defence organizations between military personnel and civilian public servants. In recent years, there has been a plethora of research focusing on civilian contractors working for private military and security companies PMSCs; Schaub and Kelty ; Schwartz and Church, Why is military—civilian personnel collaboration important? These personnel work together in a variety of contexts, including in headquarters, on bases, in military academic institutions, and increasingly, on deployments Dunigan et al. Indeed, there is a high degree of integration between military and civilian personnel. Even greater proportion of civilians reported interacting with military co-workers on a daily basis Goldenberg et al.

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